GeoLab Improvements Announced

BitWise Ideas Inc is pleased to announce the latest GeoLab improvements. The new GeoLab installation is now compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, including Windows 7. Also, several improvements have been made to GeoLab’s suite of data import plug-ins, and all plug-ins are now included in the new installation. GeoLab users are pleased with the new improvements, and are responding with comments such as : "Thanks, the 64 bit version of GeoLab works great… and fast!"
The release of the much anticipated major GeoLab upgrade, GeoLab 2010, is on schedule and will be released later this year. GeoLab 2010 provides several improvements, including a much more powerful and intuitive user interface that will improve the ease and efficiency of performing adjustments. GeoLab users with subscriptions will receive this major upgrade free of charge.

About GeoLab
GeoLab is a world leader in surveying and geodetic least squares network and traverse adjustment software. Created in 1985, GeoLab continues to be the choice of thousands of companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals around the world. For more information please see the BitWise Ideas web site at