SIS Invites ASPRS Attendees to See Accuracy Analyst Version 2.0

Starkville, Miss., 12 April 2010 — Spatial Information Solutions, Inc. (SIS), will demonstrate Version 2.0 of Accuracy Analyst™ during the ASPRS Annual Meeting. Company President Dr. Chuck O’Hara will be giving one-on-one demonstrations all week long by reservation. Call Leslie O’Hara on her cell phone at 662-418-0511 to schedule your 30-minute demonstration. He will also give group demonstrations on Wednesday April 28th and Thursday April 29th at 1:00 pm at the Town and Country Hotel in San Diego; no reservation is needed. Call Leslie O’Hara on her cell phone at 662-418-0511 for the location of the group demonstrations.

Accuracy Analyst™ is the first software solution to determine locational accuracy of the image data used to produce maps. The user-friendly interface means staff are productively using the software after 30 minutes of training. This software saves 80% of the time needed for traditional accuracy assessment. Version 2.0 adds three major enhancements: Survey Location Planner, PhotoBook, and ReViewer. In addition, more report customization is available. The 23-page supplement to the User Guide is available.

Survey Location Planner enables users to load existing image data, select desired survey (control or check) points for field work planning, and output a set of points-of-interest (POIs or waypoints) that may be added to vehicle navigation systems so teams can easily navigate to the collection sites.

Accuracy Analyst now provides an integrated photo book that displays pictures taken on the ground (during surveying) of checkpoint locations or images of surveying sketches that enable enhanced identification of exact survey checkpoint locations from image data. When the user moves to a checkpoint in Accuracy Analyst, PhotoBook automatically loads the images needed by the analyst to identify the photo location quickly and with confidence.

The ReViewer interface enables map producers to deliver a shared analytics solution to data customers that will enable them to review the error analysis and also look closely at the image data delivered, select tiled image data, and "mark up" the tiles as to whether the image data is acceptable or if it requires refinements or adjustments.

Version 2.0 is being made freely available to all existing customers. New customers can purchase Accuracy Analyst online at Pricing starts at $500 per seat for commercial organizations, $400 per seat for government agencies, and volume discounts are available. Education pricing, including teaching bundles, is also available.

About Spatial Information Solutions, Inc.
Spatial Information Solutions, Inc. (SIS), of Starkville, Mississippi, was formed in 2006 as a spin-off company from Mississippi State University. Through its flagship product, Accuracy Analyst™ version 2.0, SIS provides software-based map accuracy and content enhancement solutions that enable its customers to map with confidence. For more information, visit