Sidwell Chosen by Pope County, Illinois for Cadastral Mapping and Land Records Management Project

St. Charles, IL – Located in far southern Illinois, Pope County is part of the Shawnee National Forest, and is bordered to the south and east by the Ohio River, which marks the state’s border with Kentucky. While the County had existing GIS data, it contained only parcel polygons for their agricultural parcels, and did not include other types of land, such as residential, commercial, state, federal, or exempt properties. Furthermore, the GIS only contained road right-of-way and water features where they were coincident with a boundary of an agricultural parcel. To achieve their goal of developing a more complete cadastral GIS, Pope County has selected The Sidwell Company for their expertise in cadastral mapping and land records management.

For this project, Sidwell will complete the approximately 2,200 residential and commercial parcels using copies of original documents, the current tax roll, and CAD files supplied by the County. Each parcel will be delineated according to the standards previously established in the current GIS with the parcel number, owners name and other tax cycle information linked to each parcel. Sidwell will also update the agricultural parcels to match the existing tax roll, and will request deeds and other documents as needed so that they can properly determine parcel boundaries for any parcels that are not presently mapped. The County’s road right-of-way network will be completed by adding all road names to the existing road centerlines as an attribute for the GIS, and the water layer will also be completed and attributized, and matched as closely as possible to the County’s land use layer. All data mapped as part of this project, as well as existing GIS data, will be converted and delivered to Pope County in an ESRI personal geodatabase, which will comply with the most current version of ArcGIS Desktop upon the time of delivery. Ultimately, Pope County will benefit from a more complete cadastral-based GIS that incorporates ag, commercial, and residential properties. In addition, other important GIS layers, rights-of-way, and water networks will accurately match the other layers and provide for more precise GIS analytical functions.

About Sidwell
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