Sta-Level Feet Make Fast Work of Tripod Leveling

Sta-Level Feet, a new product offered through Creative Sales Co. of Columbia Falls, Mont., are designed to stabilize tripods in a variety of adverse conditions such as on snow, hot asphalt, ice mud, loose sand and gravel. Developed by longtime surveyor Sherman Marquardt, Sta-Level Feet are made of a lightweight, heavy-duty material and feature a recess in the middle that securely holds each tripod leg. Points on the bottom provide slip control. An attached orange bungee cord allows for easy handling and storage. According to surveyor Dave Albert, "I got the feet last week and used them on Friday for setting building RPs. I was on frozen but thawing mud with a 4 hr. set up. Only moved leveling bubble three time and only 1 mark each time. They paid for themselves in that trip. You did good boy! Hope you do well with these."

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