OnPOZ Precision Positioning Introduces Major Updates to EZSurv GNSS Post-Processing Engine

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, March 26, 2010 – OnPOZ Precision Positioning announced today the availability of a new version of its EZSurv™ GNSS post-processing software, introducing significant enhancements to its carrier phase post-processing engine. The new version of the software uses sophisticated filtering techniques to improve GNSS positions accuracy and consistency when GNSS measurements are collected under various GPS environments. EZSurv™ latest version also features new analysis tools through its graphical user interface as well as a new compatibility with Google Earth.

“Today’s post-processing filtering techniques reach new limits in GNSS technology accuracy. It confirms, once more, that post-processing is the best quality control tool for all your GNSS projects”, said Denis Parrot, President of VGI Solutions.

EZSurv™ new processing engine allows significant accuracy enhancement under obstructed and multipath environments. Moreover, the accuracy improvement can lead to higher productivity under difficult GNSS conditions. This new processor engine allows increased productivity with lower cut-off values while delivering accurate and reliable positioning results.

The new engine also improves the accuracy estimates providing more reliable positioning metadata in all type of environment. Under relatively open sky environment, continuous carrier phase tracking allows EZSurv™ to deliver outstanding positioning accuracy from low cost L1-receiver. Post-process positions from all GNSS receivers with carrier phase output currently supported by EZSurv™ will beneficiate from this new post-processing engine.

About OnPOZ Precision Positioning
OnPOZ Precision Positioning is a division of VGI Solutions. OnPOZ (www.onpoz.com) offers GNSS products, software and technologies designed for a broad range of applications. It serves end-users, enterprises and OEMs/VARs. More specifically, OnPOZ allows customers to improve the productivity and reliability of their geo-localized data acquisition business processes.

About VGI Solutions
VGI Solutions (www.vgisolutions.com) markets the geospatial products and solutions of VIASAT Geo-Technologies inc. to improve its customers’ business processes. The company bases its success on the quality of its services, the skills and development of its personnel and technological innovation.

Denis Parrot, VGI Solutions, dparrot@vgisolutions.com