GeoMax Enters U.S. Market with Highly Productive Surveying Instruments at Very Affordable Prices

GeoMax comprehensive portfolio of integrated instruments offers unprecedented price-to-performance ratios

(Atlanta, GA., 16 March 2010) After a series of very successful market entries into Europe and Asia, GeoMax, a Hexagon AB group company, announces its highly anticipated entrance into the U.S. market.

Being a part of a global technology company with strong market positions within multidimensional measurement technologies, grants GeoMax access to state-of-the-art development and production facilities in Europe, America and Asia.

As surveying, engineering and construction firms in the United States face ever-increasing competition in all aspects of a project RFP, the ability to optimize project cost becomes a critical factor in maintaining strong profitability. GeoMax enters the U.S. market with a clear mission to fulfill a long overdue need in the surveying and construction industry – highly productive, quality instruments at very affordable prices.

The product portfolio includes instruments in the following categories: Total Stations, GPS, Lasers, Rotators, Optical and Digital Levels, Related Software and Accessories.

GeoMax is available at select dealers throughout the United States.

GeoMax Total Station –
• 1,150 feet reflectorless
• 2mm + 2ppm
• Absolute encoder

GeoMax GPS –
• GPS/Glonass
• RTK Networking
• Bluetooth® wireless technology

GeoMax Digital Level –
• Digital Reading < 3 seconds
• 0.7 mm/km
• 2,000 points memory

GeoMax Laser
• 1000 feet working range
• Two configurable slopes
• Remote controlled

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GeoMax – works when you do
GeoMax is an internationally active company developing, manufacturing and distributing quality surveying instruments. GeoMax provides a comprehensive portfolio of integrated instruments for the surveying, mapping and construction industries. GeoMax is part of the Hexagon Group.

For further information please contact:
GeoMax AG
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Phone: 1-877-3- GEOMAX (877-343-6629)