Cardinal Systems Announces the Release of its Vr Mapping Version 5.0

Cardinal Systems, LLC announces the release of its Vr Mapping Version 5.0 which adds support for Windows 7 with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the software. 

Version 5.0 also makes available the beta release of the VrLiDAR software.  VrLiDAR features stereo 3D vector collection from point clouds in real-time using user definable eye-point stereo without imagery. Also supported is the extraction of vector data from image based stereo with LiDAR and from LiDARgrammetry. Swap between image and point cloud at will.

The VrLiDAR software is integrated with the stand-alone VrOne and VrTwo products and makes use of the existing and extensive mapping commands that have been used in production for many years. Database additions have made the storage, retrieval and editing of large amounts of data possible.

Cardinal Systems, LLC also supports 3D stereo viewing, compilation and editing using the new 120Hz LCD monitors with the NVIDIA 3D Vision Bundle. This LCD monitor is supported in all Vr Mapping products. At a much lower cost than other LCD viewing systems, this system has a smaller and thinner profile while offering a larger viewing area for stereo at a screen resolution of 1680×1050 pixels. The system may also be configured with dual LCD monitors for a large, high definition screen desktop. This LCD Stereo Monitor system provides extremely high quality stereo viewing using supported NVIDIA graphics cards.

Vr Mapping’s design and implementation is the result of over twenty years of software development experience in the mapping industry. The Vr Mapping software consists of  VrOne®, VrTwo, VrOrtho, VrAirTrig, VrMosaic, VrBalance, VrAdjust, VrVolumes, VrLite and now, VrLiDAR. 

For more information on the Vr Mapping Software please visit our website at; contact us via email at or telephone 386/439-2525.