Pacific Crest Introduces New High Performance UHF Receiver for System Integrators

High-Speed Radio Receiver Accelerates Development of RTK Applications

Sunnyvale, California, March 15, 2010 – Pacific Crest, a Trimble Company, today introduced the new ADL RXO, the latest addition to its Advanced Data Link (ADL) product family of high-speed wireless data links. The ADL RXO is a receive-only UHF radio designed for easy integration into products that require a low power one-way radio communication link. The ADL RXO offers the stability and reliable performance of the entire ADL line.

This sophisticated receive-only radio utilizes Pacific Crest’s next generation ADL technology. It is backward compatible with existing Pacific Crest, Trimble and other GNSS/RTK positioning products allowing rapid integration into RTK survey, machine control and environmental monitoring systems.

The ADL RXO is available in two 40 MHz frequency bands (390-430 and 430-470 MHz) to cover the entire commercial UHF band without sacrificing radio performance. It also allows the user to select from available channel tables in either 12.5 or 25 kHz channel bandwidth for communications. Its next generation RF design offers higher bit rates to easily handle RTK corrections for the current and expanding GNSS satellite constellations.

“The ADL RXO is an ideal high-speed radio receiver for products that require a low power one-way communications link,” said aid Dale Hermann, director of marketing and sales for Pacific Crest. “Its Interoperability with existing equipment and greater functionality will allow OEMs and system integrators to rapidly integrate and cost-effectively deploy the ADL RXO into their products and solutions.”

The ADL RXO is expected to be available in March 2010 through Pacific Crest’s international network of authorized dealers.

About Pacific Crest
Pacific Crest is a leading supplier of wireless data communication solutions designed for positioning and remote sensing applications. The company also specializes in reselling Trimble’s high-precision GPS receivers to system integrators for a variety of positioning applications.  Products are based on innovative technologies that are optimized for maximum dependability, accuracy and performance. Pacific Crest provides a total customer solution that reduces the overall size, cost, and complexity of critical data communications and positioning systems. Founded in 1994, with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, Pacific Crest maintains a strong international presence in the data communications and GPS positioning industries. For more information, visit