WhiteStar Offers Free Streaming Imagery Seminars in March

Lakewood, Colo., 10 March 2010 – WhiteStar Corp., a supplier of cartographic data products and services to the energy industry, is conducting a series of free seminars to educate oil and gas companies on the application of streaming imagery technology to facilitate their exploration mapping projects.

Entitled “Propel Your Exploration Program Forward,” the two-hour WhiteStar seminars will include lunch and be held from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm in the following Oklahoma and Texas locations this month:
• March 15 – Tulsa, OK
• March 16 – Oklahoma City, OK
• March 17 – Fort Worth, TX
• March 18 – Houston, TX

The seminars are free, but attendees must register in advance by clicking HERE, sending an email to seminars@whitestar.com or calling the WhiteStar Registration Line at 303-781-5182.

Streaming imagery leverages the web mapping service (WMS) format to stream a nearly unlimited volume of raster imagery directly and on-demand into popular mapping software packages such as Petra, GeoGraphix and ArcMap. In January 2010, WhiteStar introduced WhiteStar Streaming Imagery™, a nationwide database of current high-resolution aerial imagery specifically for use in hydrocarbon exploration and production mapping.

“Attendees will walk out of our seminar understanding how streaming imagery expedites the exploration mapping process and drastically reduces data management costs,” said WhiteStar President Robert White. “They will also learn why online mapping sites like Google Earth cannot be used in place of streaming imagery for professional mapping projects.”

Data included in the WhiteStar Streaming Imagery subscription is recent aerial and satellite imagery of the United States. The entire online database has been orthorectified, tonally balanced, edge matched and stitched together to create a seamless nationwide mosaic. Spatial resolution is 0.5 meters in urban centers and one meter in most rural areas. Customers can pan out or zoom into any area of interest in the country to a level of 1:2000 map scale, which is equivalent to a USGS quad map.

“Streaming Imagery data sets will be constantly updated with new images, so the data will never be more than a few years old,” said White.

WhiteStar Streaming Imagery speeds the mapping process by putting 30 terabytes of imagery at the end user’s fingertips within their mapping software interface and it makes the complete data set available simultaneously to everyone in the organizations on any platform. No more purchasing the same scene multiple times. The technology drastically reduces costs by eliminating processing such as mosaicking and balancing. In addition, there is no expense for maintaining servers and keeping data up to date.

The WhiteStar Streaming Imagery solution provides clients the option of archiving their own GeoTIFF files into the secure database for their exclusive use. This will give them on-demand access to their digital mapping data along with the WhiteStar imagery in the same easy-to-use WMS format.

To learn more, call WhiteStar’s Steve Pickett at 303-781-5182.

About WhiteStar Corp.
Headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, WhiteStar Corp. has supplied digital cartographic data products, services and consulting since 1990 to the oil and gas, pipeline, natural resource, and engineering industries. As a purveyor of geospatial data products, WhiteStar takes a customized approach to every implementation project. The WhiteStar client base now includes more than 1600 companies ranging in size from local consulting firms to integrated multi-national corporations. Learn more at www.whitestar.com.