Carlson Schedules Upcoming Webinars

Detention Pond Design, March 25; Carlson PointCloud: Made for Surveyors & Engineers, April 1

Maysville, Ky. — Land development professionals can bring their businesses to new levels of accomplishment with webinars from Carlson Software. These free one-hour webinars highlight specific aspects of Carlson Software solutions to enable users, or those who want to learn more about Carlson Software, to both see the newest features in Carlson and learn more about how to put these features to work for them.

The following two webinars are being offered in the near future:

March 25, 12 noon-1 p.m. (EST-US)
Detention Pond Design with Carlson Hydrology

Bruce Carlson, president of Carlson Software, will lead attendees of the webinar “Detention Pond Design with Carlson Hydrology” through "Before Construction" and "After Construction" runoff calculations by the SCS method using layer-based runoff coefficients, leading to Detention Pond sizing.
He’ll show how ponds would be designed using DTM features, with dynamic resizing and repositioning. Multiple outlet design will be demonstrated, leading to Resevoir Routing. Outputs include Stage Storage Curves, Hydrograph reports and graphs. The use of layers for soil classifications will be shown as a way to maximize automation.

In addition, Carlson Hydrology‘s linkages to the popular program HydroCAD will be shown and how the programs work together for advanced pond outlet design.

Carlson listens and responds to its customers and the result is powerful, efficient, effective software. This webinar is designed to aid those looking to ease design of water runoff solutions for any site. Sign up by going to

April 1, 12 noon-1 p.m. (EST-US)
Carlson PointCloud: Made for Surveyors and Engineers

Carlson Software, known for its surveying and civil engineering software, has produced a point clouds software that is made for the needs of surveyors and engineers.

In this webinar, Scott Griffin, civil sales director for Carlson Software, will cover Field-to-Finish, Mesh, Contours, Sections and Profiles from PointCloud data back to CAD. He’ll show how Carlson PointCloud makes what you’re dealing with much more than just a bunch of points.

The newest version of Carlson PointCloud can now zoom, pan and do 3D viewing of clouds of up to 1 billion points. In any view, users can draw and re-trace linework with routines to “snap” to high and low edge lines for curbs, walls and building features.

This Carlson Software office product allows users to export surface models, points, contours, breaklines and profiles to CAD. Carlson PointCloud also enables users to read scanned data from many instruments and then perform the Field-to-Finish from the scanned data. This represents a whole new level of powerful automation for large data sets. It gives laser scanner users the ability to process millions of data points with Carlson Software ease-of-use.

Sign up now at to learn more about Carlson PointCloud and how the software can work for you.
Webinars are scheduled to last one hour with a Q&A session during or following. To register, go above links, to, or email to have an individualized invitation for the webinar of your choice sent to you and/or to others you might suggest.