VRMesh 5.0 Released for Large Point Cloud Processing

March 8th, 2010, VirtualGrid announces the availability of VRMesh 5.0, the latest version of its powerful 3D point cloud and mesh processing software. This release adds some key features to increase the performance of VRMesh for use in civil engineering, and streamline the process of complete reverse modeling.

VRMesh v5.0 provides cutting-edge technologies to process large point clouds in excess of one billion points. For example, it helps users to quickly retrieve inquiring data into the window for visualization. It provides abilities to clean up, de-noise and simplify point clouds in an accurate way to preserve the integrity of the scan data, i.e., preserve the points in regions where the points are required.

It can also align several scans together, convert point clouds into accurate 3D polygonal meshes with preserving color information, and generate high qualified quad-meshes.

New features in v5.0 include:
• Import Large Point Clouds: Handle large point clouds in excess of one billion points using the index-attach technology. The LIDAR format (*.LAS) is supported.
• NURBS Creation: Automatically detect edge curves and construct wireframe curves to create optimized NURBS surfaces from triangle-meshed objects. NURBS surfaces can be exported in the IGES format.
• Multithreading: Perform multithreaded execution automatically to support multi-core systems.
• Online License Transfer: Enable users to transfer a license from one computer to another online.

A 64-bit edition is also available in v5.0. This allows users to take advantage of the expanded memory capacity of 64-bit computer systems to process huge datasets quickly.
The VRMesh demos are available from our website: www.vrmesh.com.

About VirtualGrid
VirtualGrid (http://www.vrmesh.com) is a privately held company located in Seattle City, WA. We are a small professional team focused on point cloud and mesh processing technologies.