Topographic Mapping Company Announces Rollout of LandScape Online GIS Solution

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Topographic Mapping Company’s President, Robert Stokes, announced today the availability of LandScape™, Topographic’s new online GIS solution. This application provides users with an affordable resource for advanced GIS, using ESRI® ArcGIS® Server technology without the necessary investment in hardware, software, or even technical staff.

LandScape is hosted on TMC’s servers, and provides a secure login that can be accessed from the office, in the field, at home, or on the road, using any computer with an internet browser. The applications are always available.

LandScape enables the user to map their assets, leases, projects, permits, photos, etc., using TMC or other available land grid data, on top of seamless USGS Topographic maps, ESRI® Streetmap™, and color aerial photography. It further provides a framework for map-centric project management, typical navigation tools such as pan, zoom, measure, etc., and custom tools and queries developed as requested.

LandScape is affordable for even the most modest budget: monthly subscriptions start as low as $49.95 per user, with the first month FREE. Long-term discounts are available, and users have the option to cancel their subscription at anytime.

For more information about this essential GIS resource, please call Robert Stokes at 405-843-4847, or 800-654-3219, or email