SuperPad 3 Offers Enhanced GPS Functions

SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, releases more enhanced GPS functions in SuperPad 3, its full-function mobile GIS software.

SuperPad 3 is a set of full-function mobile GIS software. Its powerful GIS functions effectively assist field surveyors in collecting, editing, measuring spatial data with mobile devices, and other survey equipments, such as GPS. 

With the technology advancement, GPS is one of the essential equipments for field surveyors now. With GPS device, field surveyors can not only manage the current position and use the navigation functions, but also employ GPS functions to position and edit spatial data.

The significantly enhanced GPS functions in SuperPad 3 retain the functions provided in SuperPad 2.x version, like GPS navigation, waypoint creating, and spatial data collection. As to the GPS status display, SuperPad 3 has the new GPS Status Bar. Through the visualization settings, field surveyors will be able to recognize the GPS information and status in the map window without opening other windows.

In terms of GPS settings, SuperPad 3 provides the coordinates of the GPS navigation start point, GPS precision, warning messages, and so on. Therefore, when field surveyors work with GPS, the working efficiency can be greatly improved.         

Download and experience the powerful GPS functions in SuperPad 3 at .

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