Technology from Hemisphere GPS Helps Revolutionize Parking Enforcement

For more than 70 years, parking regulation has challenged city operations and planning. The traditional solution to parking regulation was for enforcement officers to manually mark vehicle tires with a line of chalk and later handwrite a ticket to unmoved vehicles in violation of parking regulations.

“The existing process of enforcing time-limited parking zones is inefficient and we are unable to respond to the volume of citizen complaints,” says Dale Fraser, General Manager of Calgary Parking Authority.

By partnering Hemisphere GPS’ V100 GPS Compass with Tannery Creek Systems Inc’s patented autoChalk™ software, parking enforcement can now ticket offenders in real-time as they drive past in their patrol car. The partnered technology has revolutionized parking enforcement and is proven to save significant amounts of time and money. In fact, the AutoChalk system increases productivity over manual chalking by 500 percent and has a return on investment rate well below one year.

To read how it works in a 617Kb case study PDF, click HERE