progeCAD 2010 Professional Released

Read Write DWG 2010, Speed Increases, Improved Import from Adobe PDF, Windows 7 Compatible.

Portland, OR, USA – February 4, 2010 – progeCAD United States / iCADsales ( <> ), announced today the release of the advanced progeCAD 2010 Professional, built using the IntelliCAD core.

progeCAD 2010 Professional natively works with any drawing created with all versions of AutoCAD®, including the earlier versions going back to 1984. The latest release, DWG 2010 is now available as the most DWG compatible software on the planet, more compatible than AutoCAD itself!

In addition, progeCAD 2010 Professional provides other “just like” AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT features, such as an “AutoCAD Like” interface complete with duplicate menus, toolbars, and commands, compatible support files allowing you to move files such as fonts, hatch patterns, linetypes, directly from AutoCAD to progeCAD with little or no modification. Little or no learning curve is required for AutoCAD users to utilize progeCAD 2010 Professional. Our customers tell us they are productive creating designs immediately.

Unlike most AutoCAD compatible CAD programs, progeCAD 2010 Professional goes far beyond mere DWG file compatibility with dozens of extra features like gradient hatch patterns controlled with a new “AutoCAD Like” hatch dialog, a new complete properties bar, and DWG drawing save time improvement of up to 10 times the previous speeds. Nevertheless, progeCAD’s most inviting feature continues to be its incredibly low price compared to AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT.

ProgeSOFT spoke with their customers to find out what was important in this momentous release and fine tuned progeCAD 2010 with some of the most requested features.

Brand New Boundary Hatch Interface, including gradient hatching

Hatching has been made simpler to accomplish and improved to ensure reliable selection of objects to apply hatch patterns.

Advanced CTB (Greyscale print and Screening)

progeCAD now has the capability to plot in greyscale and to apply screening to objects via the printer.

Polygon Layout Viewport Boundaries in Paper space

Users can now plan none rectangular viewports within paper space to allow for more creative use of available design real estate.

Solprof – 2D profile image extraction from ACIS solids

Objects created with progeCAD 2010 Professional’s Solid Modeling commands can now be used to easily profile their 2D representations to create sections and views to allow for detailing and dimensioning.

Other developments include improved selection windows with dynamic entity highlighting and a new Property Palette, with hide & fly-out,

progeCAD 2010 now supports export to the following file formats: PDF, 3DS ( <> Autodesk 3D Studio MAX), POV (Povray raytracer), Lightwave, ACIS .SAT, SVG (XML format), O2C, GoogleEarth KML, DWG and DXF (also a number of raster image formats). A number of other import and export tools are available including Google Sketchup, Alias Wavefront, IGES, STEP, Sterelithography files, and ESRI Arcinfo.

Performance & stability improvements have been made throughout progeCAD. Real time pan, zoom, file save and open operation, printing, 3D shaded models in rotation, 3D operation, paper space operation – all have been improved,

The very popular command PDF import has been integrated with the Adobe PDF Layers dramatically improving the end result of the importation of the PDF file. Drawings imported via the new abilities will negatively arrive with layers, dimensions, precise geospatial locations and metadata, etc. Users can start working with the imported drawings immediately without major upfront cleanup of raster to vector shortcomings. Likewise, when plotting to a PDF file, users can choose to include necessary information into the PDF files to allow collaboration, and real knowledge to be delivered along with the files, while safeguarding their designs in-house.

progeCAD’s compatibility with DWG 2010 and earlier drawings, easy-to-use, no learning curve, “AutoCAD Like” user interface, and wealth of features make progeCAD 2010 Professional a truly “professional” platform that is still unbelievably affordable – less than USD $400.00 suggested retail price. AutoCAD LT users should be especially interested in true ACIS 3D modeling, AutoLISP, VBA, and SDS (C++) program extensions – features not supported by AutoCAD LT.

Current progeCAD users are reminded that they can upgrade to the latest version at a significant discount to the already-low price of the full version. Network NLM, USB mobile, and corporate licensing options for the 2010 version are available.

Our progeADD-on vertical industry applications available at have been updated to work seamlessly with progeCAD 2010 Professional. Choose from progeBILLD, a line of building services modules including electrial, hvac/plumbing, and mechanical/structural, along with an architectural design package, progeCAM, a link between part design and CNC Machining, or progeEARTH, A Civil Survey add-on.

The wealth of features and the uncanny resemblance to AutoCAD in progeCAD 2009 Professional will allow engineers, architects, designers and drafters to lower their CAD software and training budgets while still supporting the processes they are currently using. CAD users can open the same drawings, run the same menus and commands, with an almost non-existent learning curve by utilizing the compatibility of progeCAD 2010 Professional at 1/10th the price of AutoCAD.

progeCAD United State / iCADsales (, the largest progeCAD reseller worldwide offers progeCAD shipping with several different options including NLM Network, USB Mobile, and affordable Corporate Licensing. progeADD-on products in land design, architecture and mechanical are also available. Download the Free Full 30 day trial versions of our software when you visit our website.