Sokkia Releases the Series 50RX Reflectorless Total Stations

Featuring Enhanced Environmental Durability, Increased Speed and Expanded Functionality

Olathe, Kan. – February 3, 2010 – Sokkia Corporation releases the new Series 50RX reflectorless total stations with a breakthrough environmental durability, increased measurement speed and an array of new features.

Expanded Operating Temperature Range
The high-temperature models are newly added for use in the heat of up to +60°C (+140°F) without compromising the lowest operating temperature of -20°C (-4°F).

The standard models operate in -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F). The low-temperature models are also available for use in -30°C to +50°C (-22°F to +122°F). Using a built-in temperature sensor, all models automatically maintain optimal contrast and visibility of the LCD display.

Denny Welch, senior vice president – Survey Business Unit, said, “At our factory in Japan, the high-temperature and low-temperature models are tested in extreme temperatures even beyond their specifications.” In addition, “every product, including the standard models, will not be delivered to the users before being inspected by our engineers or dealers. All these efforts sustain the quality and reliability of Sokkia products.”

Highest Protection against Dust and Water
The industry-leading IP66 protection shuts out powder dust, sand, mud, snow, dripping water, or driving rain. “In combination with wide temperature ranges, the Series 50RX provides the exceptional environmental durability for total stations,” said Welch.

The instrument includes: Dust-tight IP6x, the highest grade of protection to prevent solid foreign objects, and IPx6: which protects the instrument against damage by powerful water jets from any direction.

Enhanced EDM Performance
The 50RX series reflectorless measurement range is extended to 400m (1,310ft.). In addition, the variation of measurement time due to different ranges and object types are reduced by 30 percent to increase total measurement speed. The Series 50RX displays the measurement results within 1.7 to 4.2 seconds under any circumstances.

“When reflectorless measurement is not feasible, the instrument alerts the user within 4.2 seconds. This allows the user to quickly judge whether they need to move the instrument to another location or measure some alternative points and use offset calculation,” Welch said. “This level of speed is truly beneficial particularly when many points have to be measured in a short time,” Welch said.

New Compensator and World-proven Encoder System
A newly developed dual-axis tilt sensor increases working range to ±6’ (±111mgon). “This is a definitive answer to the demands of our users and dealers,” said Welch.

The 2” models are newly equipped with the IACS (independent angle calibration system) to further increase measurement stability. The IACS is commonly used in the high-end models with 0.5”/1”/2” angle accuracies of NET, SRX and SET X.

Extremely simplified angle encoder system consists of minimum number of optical and mechanical parts. This system also features innovative technology to automatically detect and correct misreading of encoder patterns.

Welch said, “Our absolute encoder system has proven its extra long-term reliability through actual uses for more than seven years. The misreading correction would not be necessary for the Series 50RX because it does not allow penetration of dust or water in general usages. But it provides users with the maximum confidence, for some dust might happen to come in when the instrument is disassembled for service purposes.”

Other Features Include:
• Narrow red EDM beam for pinpoint reflectorless measurement
• Class 1 safe laser output in prism/sheet modes
• New built-in laser plummet option for quick instrument setting
• Green/red Guide Light is built into the telescope as a standard feature
• SD or SDHC card slot and USB flash memory slot are newly added
• Built-in Bluetooth® module option for wireless communication with a data collector
• Password protection to prevent unauthorized use

“The Series50RX is designed for the users who demand compact, accurate, yet most rugged and reliable reflectorless total stations,” Welch said. “The Series 50RX joins the ’X’ family of instruments that represents the ‘ultimate in precision and reliability’ ensured by the Sokkia brand.”

Product Lineup
Models with 4 angle accuracy grades:
SET250RX (2”), SET350RX (3”), SET550RX (5”) and SET650RX (6”)
High-Temperature and Low-Temperature Models are available on built-to-order basis.

Contact 800.4.SOKKIA for more information.