Aero-Metric Puts Intergraph’s 100th Digital Mapping Camera into Operation

Geospatial services company to expand high-quality, aerial imaging capabilities with its third DMC®

Huntsville, Ala., Jan. 28, 2010 – Aero-Metric, a major provider of professional geospatial services with locations across the United States, has acquired its third Intergraph® Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Camera (DMC®) to expand its high-quality, aerial imaging capabilities. The deal marks the 100th Intergraph large-format DMC to be put into operation and in flight by customers around the globe. 

“As we headed into 2010 with the largest backlog in our company history, we needed to expand our image acquisition capacity,” said Pat Olson, president and CEO of Aero-Metric. “Due to its superior accuracy, reliability and ease of use, we decided to purchase our third DMC to meet our client commitments and rising demand for large digital image acquisition projects.”

“Intergraph cameras continue to be the sensors of choice for the most successful geospatial and image acquisition firms across the world,” said Jack Ickes, vice president of photogrammetry at Intergraph. “The 100th DMC purchase by Aero-Metric is another milestone of Intergraph’s leadership role in advanced digital imagery technology. It affirms the true value of Intergraph’s photogrammetric solutions and our commitment to preserving customer investments, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency.”

The Intergraph DMC was the industry’s first large-format frame digital aerial camera, the first to be certified by the United States Geological Survey and the first to offer an innovative Solid State Disk (SSD) storage technology to decrease camera weight and footprint. Intergraph has also recently introduced the RMK D™, a versatile, medium-format digital aerial camera designed to replace film-based technology for smaller mapping and remote sensing projects and for high-resolution engineering projects.

In addition to digital sensors, Intergraph’s end-to-end earth imaging solutions include photogrammetric workstations, flight management and post-processing systems and a full photogrammetric data exploitation software suite. Users of Intergraph’s end-to-end photogrammetry solutions benefit from speed, ease of use, data accuracy, precision, high performance and cost efficiency from project start to finish.

Aero-Metric has been an Intergraph customer since 1983. In addition to the three DMCs, the company also leverages Intergraph’s ImageStation® geospatial data production software suite.

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