Munsys, Inc. Announces the Release of Munsys 10.2

Provides compatibility with AutoCAD® 2010 products and built in support for Google Earth.

Florida USA, January 26, 2010 – Munsys, Inc. today announced the release of Munsys® 10.2 providing compatibility with the current AutoCAD® 2010 products while also integrating the Munsys® Google™ Tools and Munsys Geo-scan image management tools into the core platform.

Munsys 10.2 provides a user interface that is integrated with the AutoCAD 2010 workspace manager allowing seamless access to the Munsys functionality inside of AutoCAD 2010 products. The Munsys application menu files are installed under individual user’s profiles allowing each user to maintain and use their own profile.

The Munsys Google Tools simplify and assist users in presenting spatial objects from a Munsys schema along with their attributes in either Google Earth™ or Google Maps™. Munsys spatial objects and associated attribute data is enhanced when viewed in Google Earth or Google Maps allowing the data maintained in Munsys to be used with satellite imagery, street views, links, photographs, and 3D terrains as background information.

The Munsys Geo-scan Tools provide powerful tools enabling Munsys users to geo-reference and capture meta-data for previously scanned images. For example as-built survey plans can be geo-referenced and the date, project number, description and archive location stored as part of the organization’s asset recording and inventory system.

“The ability to have a spatially referenced record of projects provides a huge productivity boost to engineers in cities and utility companies.” said Colin Hobson, Munsys Director.  “With Munsys 10.2 it is a simple matter to query the project archives for any projects near a specific area of the map such as a road intersection, and then display the scanned images as a backdrop to the infrastructure data.”

The Munsys solutions include a central database with pre-defined Oracle® Spatial data models and integrated applications for the management of water, sewer, drainage, cadastral, roads and electricity infrastructure. Autodesk® design products are utilized for spatial data creation and editing. Traditional GIS software and other databases are easily integrated using OpenGIS® and gateway technologies.

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