Ashtech Introduces the ProMark 500 V4.0 GNSS Receiver, Adds Entry-level Offer

Fourth generation ProMark 500 upgrade free to current users

Nantes, France, January 18th, 2010 — Ashtech®  (formerly Magellan Professional) today announced the release of the ProMark™ 500 V4.0 GNSS receiver for high-performance RTK surveying. 

Key new features of the release include:
• Faster signal acquisition and improved tracking capability
• Auto dial for easier connection to RTK networks and automatic reconnect to last mount point.
• USB key plug and play product configuration.
• RTC bridge to relay GSM/GPRS RTK network corrections to multiple rovers via license-free radios (see below for more information about this feature)
• U-Link™ TRx radio repeater support
• Virtual antenna for improved equipment integration within a heterogeneous set of surveying equipment.
• L2C signal support.
• 20 Hz RTK and data output option.
New Software upgrades available for the V4.0 release include:
• FAST Survey™ field software upgrade.
• GNSS Solutions™ office software upgrade that includes new geoids and new utilities.

Current users can fully benefit from these new features via a simple system upgrade. Like virtually all Ashtech firmware and software upgrades, the upgrade is free by visiting the Ashtech FTP site for new software downloads. Current Users can also contact their resellers about the upgrade. Visit

ProMark500 V4.0 reduces the cost for RTK
Ashtech has added a new, entry-level ProMark 500 configuration that delivers RTK capability for free within 3km baselines. The new offering dramatically lowers the cost of the RTK rover or rover/base system for surveyors who are willing to acquire a state-of-the art GNSS survey equipment. The new entry-level price offer is equivalent to a 10% reduction versus the previous RTK rover pricing.  “The newly available configuration not only provides lower-cost RTK, but it does so with a very reliable and future proof GNSS survey solution. With ProMark 500 V4, Ashtech expands access to high-quality GNSS surveying for land surveyors” said Eric Moisset, land survey marketing manager.

More Info about the new RTC Bridge feature
Combined with the new ProMark 500, a license-free radio modem can be used to implement the new RTC Bridge function of the receiver. RTC Bridge is a real-time network corrections relay, which enables a network-connected rover to rebroadcast RTK corrections to multiple rovers via the license-free radio. This real-time correction bridge (RTC Bridge) enables a Survey company to have several rovers working in the same area with only one of them connected to the network (one subscription /single communication cost).

About the ProMark 500
The ProMark 500 rover and rover/base system offer GPS+GLONASS+25 years of field-proven technologies for surveying and geodesy. Embedded BLADE™ Technology introduces a unique patented way to use multiple GNSS constellations for high-accuracy positioning. BLADE insures fast initialization, long-range accuracy, and extensive compatibility with other manufacturer’s GNSS products. BLADE also accounts for the GLONASS receiver biases in reference stations, allowing the user to optimally use the GLONASS signals from any manufacturer’s receiver. Our new technology provides robust signal tracking, advanced multipath mitigation, and high availability of satellites in difficult conditions.

About Ashtech
Recognized as an industry innovator, Ashtech® S.A.S. has been developing GNSS technology for more than 25 years.  Ashtech is the creator of BLADE technology, which introduces a unique patented method to the market using multiple GNSS constellations for high-accuracy positioning.  Ashtech has also introduced the MobileMapper™ series of products for GIS and mapping, as well as the ProFlex 500 and ProMark series, including the ProMark 500, ProMark3 RTK and ProMark 3, a well-recognized GNSS Land Survey product line currently on the market. Ashtech is privately held and headquartered in Carquefou, France, with offices in Santa Clara, California, Moscow, Beijing, China, and Singapore. For more information on Ashtech, visit