Trimble Introduces New Additions to its Optical Total Station Portfolio

Sunnyvale, Calif., Jan. 12, 2010 — Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) introduced today a wide range of new additions to its innovative portfolio of optical survey systems, giving surveyors a comprehensive selection of solutions for surveying and engineering applications.
"Surveying firms require flexible and integrated solutions to stay competitive. This is why Trimble’s Connected Site solutions are becoming the industry standard in Integrated Surveying techniques," said Chris Gibson, vice president for Trimble’s Surveying Division. "One of our key objectives is to deliver versatile and scalable solutions that enable surveyors to quickly adapt to new market conditions."

Trimble S8 Total Station
Originally introduced in 2007, the Trimble® S8 Total Station is Trimble’s most advanced Autolock® and Robotic total station. New 0.5" accuracy models have been added for demanding engineering projects such as monitoring, precision build, and high-speed railway applications that require the highest levels of accuracy available.

The Trimble S8 Total Station product line has also been extended to include a new model with video-enabled robotic control to improve surveyors’ productivity. Trimble VISION™ technology gives surveyors the ability to remotely see and measure with live video feed from the instrument on their data controller. Surveyors can see everything the instrument sees without a trip back to the tripod. The total station’s system integrates survey data with the live video on the controller so surveyors can verify their work and ensure that they have captured everything before leaving the job. Photo documentation also allows surveyors to complement the data they provide to clients with images of the job conditions, making the data easier to understand. This new Trimble S8 model also includes Trimble DR Plus™ technology, which dramatically extends the total station’s reflectorless measurement range, saving time by reducing instrument set-ups.

Designed to deliver unsurpassed performance and productivity for surveying, the Trimble S8 Total Station is supported by Trimble Access™ and Trimble Survey Controller™ field software and Trimble Business Center office software to take full control of surveying and data analysis. For engineering applications, the Trimble S8 Total Station can be paired with other office and field solutions such as Trimble 4D Control™ software and specialized applications for Trimble Access software.

Trimble S6 Total Station
The new Trimble S6 Total Station provides surveyors with scalability and flexibility. It includes the long-range EDM performance of Trimble DR Plus technology, making it capable of direct reflex measurements at more than double the range of previous models. Longer range means fewer instrument set-ups and easier access to more locations, saving surveyors time and money.

With Servo, Autolock and Robotic options now available, the Trimble S6 is fully upgradable, enabling surveyors with a path for long-term growth. Engineered with MagDrive™ servo technology, the Trimble S6 silently spins the instrument at 115 degrees per second for fast operations. With its exclusive MultiTrack™ technology and Target ID capabilities, surveyors can choose the type of target, passive or active, that best suits the jobsite conditions and be confident that they can find and lock to the correct target. The robotic Trimble S6 instrument also supports Trimble GPS Search, a feature in Trimble field software, which uses GPS to quickly locate a lost prism on a rover. In less than 3 seconds the Trimble S6 can move to the correct position and lock onto the robotic rover. With Trimble’s unique SurePoint™ accuracy assurance technology, the Trimble S6 Total Station aims and stays, despite windy weather, vibrations, handling, or tripod settling, to ensure accurate pointing and measurement.

Trimble S3 Total Station
The Trimble S3 Total Station product line now includes new Autolock and Servo-only models with an on-board control panel for streamlined performance in the field. The Trimble S3 includes everything needed to perform efficient surveying projects: precision positioning performance and powerful data collection in an integrated, ergonomic solution for convenient, all-day use. It is built on proven, reliable, Trimble functionality such as Trimble DR technology for range measurement without a prism to almost any type of surface.

With Trimble Survey Controller on board, the Trimble S3 provides the foundation for Trimble’s Integrated Surveying™ solutions. With Integrated Surveying, surveyors can seamlessly integrate complementary technologies on the job site, such as Trimble GPS/GNSS and optical measurements, which allows them to use the most appropriate tool for the jobsite conditions.

Trimble M3 Mechanical Total Station
Lightweight, compact and rugged, the new Trimble M3 Total Station delivers powerful mechanical technology, backed by Trimble’s world-class training, service and support network. Ergonomic controls, plus an integrated screen and keyboard, streamline and simplify the surveyor’s work. World-class Nikon optics provide proven clarity, quality and precision for improved aiming and operation.

Easy to learn and operate, the Trimble M3 is built on mechanical measurement expertise and proven Trimble software tools. The Trimble M3 includes robust data collection and calculation tools with the new on-board Trimble Digital Fieldbook™ software for fast results in the field.

Trimble VX Spatial Station
The new Trimble VX™ Spatial Station adds the long-range reflectorless capacity of Trimble DR Plus technology to collect more data with fewer instrument setups and extends the range of scanning operations. Surveyors can capture and combine 3D scanning, imaging and surveying deliverables as well as create enhanced 2D and 3D deliverables for rich information management on projects—all with a single, easy-to-use solution.

With the ability to capture metric images with the Trimble VX in the field, surveyors can continue taking additional measurements back in the office and further attribute data using the industry standard Trimble RealWorks™ software. With Trimble RealWorks, surveyors can easily show clients their detailed work via 3D walkthroughs of the job site combining survey data, images, and scanned information all from the Trimble VX.

First introduced in 2007, the Trimble VX Spatial Station continues to revolutionize the scope of services that surveyors, engineers, mapping and geospatial professionals can offer as well as provide them with an entry into spatial imaging and spatial information applications.

Trimble’s Connected Site Solutions
Trimble’s Connected Site solutions for surveyors create seamless working relationships among Trimble products, technologies and services through support, infrastructure and partnerships. Through the Connected Site, Trimble is focused on providing solutions that address the customer’s full work process. By carefully combining technology innovation with a deep understanding of the users’ workflows, data integration and maintenance needs across the lifecycle of the project, Trimble helps surveyors reach new levels of productivity for their business.

The new optical total station solutions are expected to be available in February 2010 from Trimble’s worldwide survey distribution network.

About Trimble
Trimble applies technology to make field and mobile workers in businesses and government significantly more productive. Solutions are focused on applications requiring position or location—including su
rveying, construction, agriculture, fleet and asset management, public safety and mapping. In addition to utilizing positioning technologies, such as GPS, lasers and optics, Trimble solutions may include software content specific to the needs of the user. Wireless technologies are utilized to deliver the solution to the user and to ensure a tight coupling of the field and the back office. Founded in 1978, Trimble is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif.