Juniper Systems Introduces Everglade Wetland Delineation Data Collection And Mapping Solution

Logan, Utah, USA – Juniper Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of innovative mobile field computing solutions for rugged applications, announces the release of Everglade, a mobile wetland delineation data collection solution.

The Everglade solution combines the power and ruggedness of Juniper Systems mobile computing platforms with a rapid, accurate, and efficient wetland data capture and reporting solution. Everglade is a comprehensive mobile data collection application that meets wetland delineation requirements as defined by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) for tabular and spatial data collection.

The Everglade solution simplifies the wetland delineation data collection process by providing easy to use forms and simple spatial data collection tools. Transcription errors and time-per-project are reduced through the use of drop-down menus and searchable databases. Map production is enhanced through a common data storage location and spatial projection of all spatial data.

The Everglade mobile component, EvMobile, captures required tabular data as specified in the USACE regional determination forms through a comprehensive, easy to use form driven interface. EvMobile provides access to an extensive plant database with associated regional wetland indicators for species. Using a directly connected or Bluetoothr GPS, EvMobile captures spatial data in standard shapefile format for mapping in any GIS application. Using real-time, sub-meter receivers, EvMobile captures spatial data that meets USACE standards for spatial data capture. Spatial data generated using Juniper Systems, Inc. Everglade solution meets the USACE map projection requirements.

The Everglade desktop component, EvDesktop, is used to create, manage, and synchronize field projects while providing a platform to evaluate, edit, and export finalized reports. EvDesktop installs with five United States Army Corp of Engineers regions available for immediate use in wetlands delineation projects in the contiguous United States. EvDesktop manages field project deployment and facilitates evaluation and editing of data upon return from field data collection. EvDesktop completes prevalence and dominance worksheets and exports a completed USACE formatted wetland delineation form to the common .doc format which may be opened in any common word editor. Exported forms may be printed, emailed, or pasted into final reports.

Demonstration software and additional information can be accessed by visiting or follow EvergladeMobile on for updates and notices.

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