FME 2010 Rockets Spatial ETL Technology to New Heights

Safe Software Delivers on Commitment to Improve Spatial Data Access

Vancouver, BC, January 12, 2010 – Safe Software, the leaders in spatial ETL (extract, transform and load), today announced the release of FME 2010 – the only complete solution for data conversion and distribution available in the market today. This new version, which includes new releases of FME Desktop and FME Server, has been enhanced to make spatial data more accessible than ever before.
FME 2010 introduces innovative new capabilities that deliver greater efficiency and flexibility in accessing spatial data, while providing a wider variety of deployment options to enable tight integration into an organization’s existing environment. This new release aims to address common data interoperability challenges faced by customers and the geospatial market. In fact, nearly 1,000 of the improvements introduced in FME 2010 are a direct result of customer feedback which identified ways that FME could improve spatial data access.

Innovations in Data Accessibility
FME 2010 introduces new support for additional formats, enhanced support for popular formats, and significant improvements in support for 3D formats. Empowering GIS professionals to share information with new user communities, FME 2010 now offers support for over 250 formats. This includes new support for Autodesk® Civil 3D® and common statistics formats IBM® PASW (SPSS®), R Statistical Data and SAS® (Statistical Analysis System).

The new release also offers enhanced support for popular data sharing formats such as OpenGIS® KML (Google™ Earth™ and Maps™), Adobe® PDF and XML (including OpenGIS GML and CityGML),  enabling GIS professionals to meet increasing demands for making spatial data more accessible to non-GIS users. The new release also introduces support for 1,850 additional coordinate systems, bringing the new supported total to over 5,300.

FME 2010 also introduces expanded support for 3D formats and vastly enhanced 3D object texture support in response to the growing market need for 3D data access. Enabling users to create even more realistic 3D models that integrate data from a wide variety of data types, FME 2010 now includes support for Autodesk 3ds, COLLADA, Google Sketchup™, Presagis OpenFlight.

Usability Enhancements for Faster Adoption
FME 2010 introduces new enhancements to its graphical user interface which improve user productivity and make FME technology even easier to adopt within an organization. Workflows have also been improved for efficiency and flexibility, and many features have been enhanced for speedy user adoption so that organizations can derive value from their spatial data assets even faster.

Improving user productivity even further, FME 2010 delivers on Safe Software’s commitment to ensure that every release of FME is faster than the last. FME 2010 improves performance over the previous release by an average of 4% overall, with over 20% speed improvements in targeted areas.

Wider Deployment Options to Meet Diverse Needs
New deployment options in FME 2010 make it even easier for organizations to tightly integrate FME within their current environment. With this new release, organizations can deploy FME technology how they need it – on the desktop, the server and now also in the cloud.  FME 2010 also expands its support for computing platforms, ensuring that organizations can deploy FME in their preferred environment.

FME 2010 introduces new security features, equipping GIS professionals to share their spatial data with authorized users while preventing unauthorized access. The flexible security framework is designed to integrate within an organization’s existing infrastructure, and supports LDAP-based Microsoft Active Directory integration and SSL encryption.

For over 15 years, Safe Software has been fueling spatial data access by removing the barriers to data conversion and sharing with its FME technology. With unparalleled support for GIS, CAD, raster, spatial and corporate databases, 3D, BIM, web, geoweb and statistics formats, FME enables GIS professionals worldwide to translate, transform, integrate and distribute their spatial data where, when and how they need to.

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About Safe Software & FME
Safe Software powers the flow of spatial data with its software platform, FME. The recognized standard in spatial ETL (extract, transform and load), FME is the only complete solution for data conversion. It delivers the most extensive format support for data translation and integration, and provides unlimited flexibility in data model transformation and distribution. FME is used by thousands of customers worldwide in a variety of industries including government, utilities, and petroleum. Its powerful data access technology also makes FME the choice of leading GIS, CAD, and database vendors for integration into their own solutions. Designed for true data interoperability, FME unleashes spatial data so people can use it where, when, and how they want to. For more information, visit