An Aerial Surveyor By Accident! Journey Without Destination by Karl Kleinn

Frederick, MD December 31, 2009 —  Which photogrammetrist have you ever heard of who has attempted to chronicle his unplanned life? Journey without Destination contains stories of just such a life. Some of you will recognize the events and circumstances of some of the stories, and some might even remember Kleinn as he traveled across America first on behalf of Carl Zeiss, then Kern Instruments, then Matra Technology (remember the Traster analytical stereo plotter) and finally OMICA (OMI Corporation of America). Some of you or your predecessors might remember the OMI demo van with an analytical stereo plotter in the back. Others might remember Kleinn for some of his software products under PafMap Consulting (CONVERT, MAPTRAN, AutoNGS, etc.).

Journey Without Destination chronicles a life of a pre-World War II baby born into a family that was first torn apart by war and later by widely divergent interests and philosophies. This resulted in very different paths of life. Journey Without Destination comprises stories from the author’s own path through a life that was marked by rebellion, nonconformity, instability, and emotional turmoil. From age five at the height of the worst war in history, when his home city suffered from frequent devastating bomb attacks, to a ripe old age in the New World, his life’s path never followed any long-term plans, and everything seemed to happen by accident or coincidence. What seemed to always pull him through was his natural gift of intelligence.

Karl E. Kleinn was born in Stettin, Germany, now Szczecin, Poland. In 1945 his family fled from the Soviets to the farming village of his mother’s birth in Westphalia. At age twenty he immigrated to Canada and six years later to the United States. He now lives in Houston, Texas.

PublishAmerica is proud to present Journey Without Destination: Stories from a Life Without a Plan by Karl E. Kleinn. ISBN: 978-1-60813-206-5.

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