Norcross, GA – ERDAS Inc. announces the availability of ERDAS APOLLO 2010, the geospatial industry’s leading enterprise-class data management, delivery and collaboration solution.

ERDAS APOLLO 2010 is equipped to fully understand, competently manage and rapidly serve large volumes of vector, raster and terrain data. ERDAS APOLLO implements an out-of-the box Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), that provides a publish, find and bind workflow for any data type. Integrating ERDAS Image Web Server and ERDAS TITAN, ERDAS APOLLO is now available in three tiers to cater to any organization’s management, collaboration and delivery needs.

“From a low-cost, remarkably fast image and feature server to a comprehensive data management and on demand geoprocessing system, ERDAS APOLLO provides unprecedented performance, even when handling the largest data archives,” said Mladen Stojic, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, ERDAS. “Extremely scalable, ERDAS APOLLO provides rapid delivery of unprecedented volumes of geospatial information to domain specific desktop and web client applications.”

ERDAS APOLLO contains the most interoperable geoprocessing services in the industry. Users can run an entire model (such as change detection), completely contained within a single Web Processing Service (WPS). ERDAS APOLLO includes the fastest image delivery system on the market, with the high performance streaming imagery protocol ECWP. ERDAS APOLLO embraces OGC services, making them a native implementation. Seamlessly integrating with GIS environments, ERDAS APOLLO also leverages existing business systems, such as the Oracle database for persisting intelligent metadata and application specific information.

For organizations that require interoperable cataloging and delivery of imagery, terrain and vector data through OGC Web Services to any client application, ERDAS APOLLO Essentials—SDI is appropriate. Government organizations with geospatial data that needs to be shared via a public access website can easily do this with ERDAS APOLLO Essentials—Image Web Server. This unique, low-cost product provides high-speed access to large volumes of imagery on a minimum hardware set.

Organizations that need to manage massive amounts of geospatial data need ERDAS APOLLO Advantage. The data may be redundant and distributed across multiple departments or offices. Often, this data needs to be rapidly delivered to users based on their role and permissions in the enterprise. ERDAS APOLLO Advantage can deliver the raw data as well as a single, homogenous dataset without creating multiple service layers (supporting the same data types as ERDAS IMAGINE). ERDAS APOLLO Advantage provides automated data and metadata harvesting, crawling, indexing and schedulers, with a secured hierarchical data model.

For users that need to manage data, as well as perform on-demand spatial analysis to extract information, ERDAS APOLLO Professional is appropriate. ERDAS APOLLO Professional offers a powerful geoprocessing (WPS) component, unrivaled in complex algorithms. ERDAS APOLLO Professional enables server-side geoprocessing of geospatial data contained within a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).

With ERDAS APOLLO Solution Toolkit, users can extend ERDAS APOLLO web clients or create new ones. Users can develop vertical market applications using an extensible web and rich client application framework. Supporting numerous vector and raster data formats, users can also customize support for new or classified formats.

Product downloads, collateral and licensing information are available on the ERDAS website. Media kits will begin shipping later this month to software maintenance customers. To learn more about ERDAS APOLLO 2010, please visit, or call +1 770 776 3400, toll free +1 877 GO ERDAS.

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