Students: Get the Power of Carlson Software for Home Use

Maysville, Ky. – Carlson Software is offering civil engineering, land surveying and mining students the option of purchasing their own software on which to learn and work at home for $99 for a full academic year. This program is available for fulltime students.

The software that Carlson is offering for this program includes the following:
Carlson Civil Suite – Carlson Survey, Carlson Civil, Carlson Hydrology and Carlson GIS in one powerful package.
Carlson Survey – now with C&G Survey included is the ultimate office survey software.
Carlson Takeoff – provides fast and accurate CAD-based estimating, plus essential quantity and quality controls.
Carlson Mining – the software choice of the U.S. coal mining industry in Underground, Surface and Geology modules.

Students in colleges and universities from around the world are working with Carlson Software. In addition to the program above, which allows students to get their own copies of Carlson’s leading software choices, Carlson also sponsors unlimited network licensing of Carlson Civil Suite to qualified colleges and universities for an annual fee of $650. This covers ALL classroom seats including instructor licensing as well.

Why teach or learn on Carlson Software? While technically advanced, Carlson’s versatile software is also easy-to-learn and easy-to-use.

Quotes from long-time Carlson users sum it up:
• “It’s just so easy to use and so productive.” –J.T. Hardin, DDS Engineering
• “We are actually able to give the customer a much better product in much less time than we used to.” –Tony Kinder, Cleveland Surveying
• “Carlson Survey does it all for us – it’s a big time saver on all different levels.” –Reed Adams, Koontz-Bryant

Carlson Software products are designed to take users from concept to completion, starting with data collection, and handling civil design in the office, estimating, machine control and stakeout. Utilizing the same data sets throughout, Carlson Software has solutions for the full cycle of a project. Plus, Carlson Software, which works on AutoCAD® and related products, comes with IntelliCAD®  built in, enabling students to work and learn without additional software purchases.

To learn more about this program and to download application forms, visit the Carlson Software website at  Or call Carlson at 606-564-5028 and ask for the Academics representative