Increased Value and Mosaicking Power in ERDAS LPS 2010

Norcross (Georgia, USA) – ERDAS announces the release of LPS 2010. In this new release, LPS Core now includes ERDAS MosaicPro (as well as IMAGINE Advantage). In addition, this release also provides improved sensor support and increased performance.

LPS is a powerful softcopy photogrammetry system for a variety of workflows, including defense, remote-area mapping, transportation planning, orthophoto production and close-range applications. With automated algorithms, fast processing and a tight focus on workflow, LPS ensures productivity.

For approved customers, LPS eATE preview provides an advance look at the new ERDAS terrain processing solution. LPS eATE enables users to generate high-resolution terrain information from stereo imagery like never before, ensuring speed and accuracy, providing an unparalleled environment for processing terrain data from airborne and satellite sensors. This solution is currently planned for general release in early 2010.

“With an increasing number of sensors delivering vast amounts of raw imagery daily, production mapping professionals need powerful tools that boost their productivity,” said Mladen Stojic, Senior Vice President, Product Management & Marketing, ERDAS. “LPS 2010 provides a comprehensive set of tools to produce high quality data products in a shorter timeframe.”

By adding ERDAS MosaicPro to LPS 2010, customers will now have decreased memory use and greater processing speed, making it easier to mosaic a large number of images. As part of the streamlining of mosaicking across the product lines, LPS 2010 also includes the merged functionality of the IMAGINE Mosaic Tool. In addition, there is a new illumination equalization color balancing method.

LPS 2010 also includes the ability to process data from a wide variety of sensors, including newly enhanced support for GeoEye and WorldView rigorous models from multiple formats, including NCDRD. There is also new support for KOMPSAT RPC and RapidEye NITF RPC.

Other performance improvements include accelerated vertical datum handling when using large DEMs in ortho-resampling and calibration, as well as better memory handling in the Terrain Prep tool. The Terrain Editor has received several productivity enhancing interface changes.  In addition, ERDAS has also added grid correction for modeling focal plane distortions in ORIMA. The computed grid can be imported to LPS.

LPS 2010 is available for download from and will begin shipping to software maintenance customers later this month. For more information about ERDAS or its products and services, please call +1 770 776 3400, toll free +1 866 GO ERDAS, or visit

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