ERDAS IMAGINE & ERDAS ER Mapper 2010 Just Released!

Norcross, GA – ERDAS announces new releases of two of the industry’s leading geospatial desktop authoring solutions: ERDAS IMAGINE® and ERDAS ER Mapper 2010. This release also includes IMAGINE Feature Interoperability, a new ERDAS IMAGINE module, and IMAGINE SAR Interferometry, a new collection of products in the IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite.

ERDAS IMAGINE is available in three tiers: IMAGINE Essentials, IMAGINE Advantage and IMAGINE Professional. This release also includes joint licensing between IMAGINE Professional and ERDAS ER Mapper, providing both products when either is purchased. This allows users of either product to utilize the powerful tools in both solutions simultaneously.

ERDAS IMAGINE 2010 is an all in one, fully integrated desktop authoring platform, incorporating image analysis, remote sensing and GIS capabilities. Featuring a new ribbon interface, ERDAS IMAGINE makes it easier for users to streamline workflows and customize their workspace. ERDAS IMAGINE also provides enhanced tools for parallel batch processing, spatial modeling, map production, mosaicking and change detection. In addition, ERDAS IMAGINE also incorporates the ERDAS ER Mapper algorithms and implements comprehensive OGC Web Processing Service (WPS), Web Coverage Service (WCS), Web Mapping Service (WMS) and Catalog Services for the Web (CS-W).

IMAGINE Feature Interoperability is a new module supporting DGN Direct-read, write and editing, including symbolization colors, cells (points with shapes assigned to them), text, relating to external attribute sources such as Oracle tables and the use of the spatial indexing and caching for roaming, zooming and more.

With intelligent defaults and optimized processing, IMAGINE SAR Interferometry is fully integrated into ERDAS IMAGINE. IMAGINE SAR Interferometry includes new interpolation techniques that increase the quality and fidelity of radar data. A part of the IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite, IMAGINE SAR Interferometry includes InSAR, Coherence Change Detection and D-InSAR processing capabilities.

ERDAS ER Mapper is a powerful image processing software for geoscientists and GIS professionals. It has unique data display tools to enhance satellite imagery, elevation data and geophysical datasets. In this release, ERDAS ER Mapper introduces a vastly improved coordinate system and projection support. In addition, this release also features numerous improvements in data handling and processing as well as an enhanced regional mineralogical mapping capability using ASTER data.

“ERDAS IMAGINE 2010 integrates new technology and fuses together the strengths of our existing desktop products into a single solution,” said Mladen Stojic, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, ERDAS. “With the streamlined ribbon interface and joint licensing available for IMAGINE Professional and ERDAS ER Mapper customers, a comprehensive set of compelling tools are easily accessible.”

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