Geo-Plus VisionCivil 2010 Adds Tetrahedralization Method

Newark, DE, Dec 7, 2009 – Geo-Plus Corporation, a leader in the development of land surveying and civil engineering software is the first company to develop a way of calculating the volume of complex structure using tetrahedra. This innovative breakthrough will change the way volumes are calculated in the civil engineering field.

Until today, a 2D triangulation model has been used in civil projects to calculate the volume of overhang, tunnel or other complex construction shapes. However, the result produced was always flawed. In fact, civil engineering software that calculates volume uses an algorithm which, for a X, Y surface, can take different Z coordinates. In such a planimetry case, the algorithm connects the adjacent X, Y points while the values of Z points are not in the same plane. TIN modeling associates X, Y, Z coordinates that are not adjacent. To achieve their goal, civil engineering professionals have no choice but to use more than three software, which causes loss of time and resources. Geo-Plus introduces an innovative module that will render the old ways obsolete.

Geo-Plus developers have found a method to model and calculate the volume of a complex structure. Using a four-faced pyramid, also known as tetrahedron, the envelope of a structure can be modeled accurately. With a proper set of survey points and using the data from connectivity strings, Geo-Plus VisionCivil 2010 can build the various surfaces of a solid. Then, the software assembles these surfaces, ultimately creating a solid composed of several tetrahedra. With the help of this 3D calculation using tetrahedralization, Geo-Plus VisionCivil 2010 can calculate the volume and draw the shape of just about any structure.

"We are very pleased that Geo-Plus VisionCivil 2010 is making a positive difference in the field. The release of the 2010 version is about the new tetrahedralization method of calculation, and how it will enable professionals to calculate 3D volume using a single software. Geo-Plus VisionCivil is the culmination of 22 years of serving industry professionals and this version represents a major evolution that will position us years ahead of the competition”, noted Wilfrid Beaupre, President of Geo-Plus.

Advanced Technology
This new method of calculation using tetrahedralization is well suited to LIDAR technology (Light Detection And Ranging) making it possible to delimit surfaces that are hard to reach and hard to measure using conventional surveying methods. Geo-Plus VisionCivil uses all collected points to calculate the volume and draw the object surfaces.

The introduction of this new feature for calculating a 3D solid fills a major gap within the civil engineering software industry and will thus contribute to the firm’s expansion. Geo-Plus continues to be an industry leader.

About VisionCivil 2010
VisionCivil is a complete civil software solution for calculating and designing civil engineering projects. VisionCivil software resolves functionality, usability and process-related issues by integrating land surveying, design, analysis, 3d model and CAD standard management into your AutoCAD, Civil 3D, MicroStation or PowerDraft CAD environment. VisionCivil allows industry professionals to quickly visualize terrain from different angles using different modes, including triangulation mode, and producing profiles, section cross plans, capping, pipe services, as well as rapid and accurate volume calculations. VisionCivil reduces the project cycle time while giving you the flexibility to quickly evaluate design alternatives.

About Geo-Plus
Founded in 1987, Geo-Plus introduced its Geoplus software to the market. To respond to constantly changing needs, Geo-Plus kept refining its products and went on to develop Geomatics Software VisionPlus, software made by Land Surveyors for Land Surveyors and all professionals working in related fields. It runs on AutoCAD, MicroStation and PowerDraft. VisionPlus software is also used by many colleges and universities as the teaching tool for training future land surveyors. VisionDoc, also part of the VisionSeries 2010, is a highly-regarded land management software that has been consistently improved to attain a high level of efficiency. Geo-Plus customers also appreciate the excellent customer service provided by Head Office’s Support Department. We are currently working on our new software, which will have very special features, including a real-life, 3D high-resolution colorful visual design that is multi-directional, and that can be generated by your own technical designs. For more information about Geo-Plus’ Vision Series, visit our website at