Macros in Topocad to be Added

Solna November 30, 2009 – In December Chaos systems AB will release its new module for macros in Topocad. “To use macros helps the user to create right kind of data, in the right layer and with the right information in a faster and safer way” says Tomas Sandström, partner and sales manager at Chaos systems AB.

In the macro module the user can simply create his or her own compound commandos from a few different initial varieties.  You can for example choose to create a line and it will place itself directly in the right layer, with the right colour, line type and line width. You can also choose if you want it to be closed and filled, begin on a chosen point number and if you want it to have codes and attributes. It is also possible to create different lines, points, symbols and text, and copy and make changes on existing objects.

Several different menus can be created and you can alternate between them directly in the macro toolbox. Macros are saved in an XML-file that can be shared with others by placing it on the network with access from others. You can also copy and send the file to others in an e-mail.

Macron can be used by all Topocad users who have Topocad Engineer and Topocad Base module.

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