Le Sueur County Launches Beacon Online Records Portal

Le Sueur County, Minn. – (November 30, 2009) – Following a careful review of various county online information portals across the state, Le Sueur County, Minn. selected The Schneider Corporation’s Beacon™ product as the unsurpassed and most relevant option because of its speed, functionality and overall user-friendly design. Beacon is an interactive public access tool that allows users to view County information, public records and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) via an online portal.

Le Sueur County’s Beacon portal features a public site that includes important property taxation and assessment information, in-depth search capabilities and robust property reports. The Beacon portal also provides users the ability to view an interactive map of the County’s GIS data and aerial photography as well as convenient tools to collect specific parcel information.

“We often are asked by the public to provide a tool that makes it easier for them to access tax and appraisal information without the need to visit the county office,” said David Armstrong, Le Sueur County assessor. “Beacon offers quick and easy access to the County’s tax and CAMA (Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal System) information at a very affordable price to the County. I’ve already heard from local business people who are very happy with Beacon.”

To learn more about Beacon and how it will benefit the County as well as its users, Le Sueur County will host an information session about the Beacon portal December 1, 2009. Please contact the County Assessor’s office at (507) 357-2251 for more information.

Beacon is designed with its users in mind and no detail is implemented without careful consideration of usability and maneuverability. This is done to ensure a very simple and easily understood process when requesting data from the site. Because all website set-up, development, hosting and maintenance tasks are handled by Schneider, there is no need for Le Sueur County to purchase additional equipment. Beacon has been designed with a component-based architecture, which allows for rapid deployment.

The Schneider Corporation hosts similar sites for more than 100 organizations across the Midwest, including 11 additional counties in Minnesota. For information on these sites, please visit http://www.beacongis.com or http://beacon.schneidercorp.com.

About The Schneider Corporation
The Schneider Corporation is a full-service national engineering firm, which applies professional expertise, sophisticated technology and unparalleled business practices to the areas of Engineering, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Surveying. Customers include both private and public organizations in industries including energy, commercial, corporate, federal, state & local government, academic, and residential. The Schneider Corporation has been providing GIS solutions since 1989 to hundreds of county, municipal, state, federal and private entities. For more information about Schneider, please visit http://www.schneidercorp.com. For more information about Beacon, please visit http://www.gis.schneidercorp.com.