Surveylab’s ikeGPS Integrates Standard Mine Action Software

Wellington, New Zealand, November 27, 2009 – Surveylab today announced that its ikeGPS range now supports data collection software for mine action created by the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD). Utilizing the remote capture capability of ikeGPS, field staff working in many areas of the world now affected with mines and other ERW (explosive remnants of war) can complete data collection tasks whilst remaining safely outside suspected hazardous areas. Combining a GPS with rangefinder and compass, and with a completely integrated workflow, ikeGPS lets a user quickly and simply capture remote points from a safe and discreet location.

The data collection software is a component of the larger Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA) suite of software tools developed by GICHD for mine action. Based on ESRI’s ArcEngine™ and utilizing a MySQL™ database engine, IMSMA is a powerful information management tool. Following a collaborative development program, IMSMA Mobile, based on ESRI’s ArcPad™, now runs on Surveylab’s versatile ikeGPS data collection device. IMSMA Mobile allows users to take maps and data to the field and complete a variety of mine action field reports. With ikeGPS running IMSMA Mobile, the user can now reliably collect coordinate data from a safe distance to accurately map minefields and other hazards.

Surveylab is pleased to participate in mine action, and to provide technology and expertise to those organizations active in dealing with the threat of landmines, unexploded ordnance and other explosive remnants of war. ikeGPS presents a unique advantage to the men and women working in the field of mine action, whether they be military, civilian contractors or NGOs: in providing a rugged and reliable tool for users to capture geospatial data from a distance, ikeGPS keeps them safer and away from the suspected hazardous areas.

“Using ikeGPS for humanitarian demining operations is a logical choice – users perform data collection tasks for land release safely and quickly,” commented Leon Toorenburg Surveylab CEO. “Now we have introduced an ikeGPS software solution that adds IMSMA Mobile meaning ikeGPS is integrated into the complete IMSMA system to plan, manage, report and map the results of survey and field data collection.”

About Surveylab
Based in Wellington, New Zealand and McLean, Virginia, Surveylab develops and manufactures ikeGPS, the world’s first integrated GPS/laser/camera device for GIS data capture. ikeGPS enables faster, safer, and more efficient data acquisition through remote photo positioning. Multiple targets up to 1,000 meters distant, especially in inaccessible or unsafe locations, can be accurately positioned from a single location. Users such as international NGOs, oil & gas industry, utilities, forestry, military engineers, and public works agencies have been using ikeGPS for years in situations where targets are difficult to reach or safety is a concern. More at

IMSMA software, which supports data collection, storage, reporting, and mapping, provides an off-the-shelf GIS, database, and analysis toolset designed specifically for humanitarian mine action projects. The software was developed by the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD,, which provides it at no charge to the national authority set up by a country to manage demining operations. More at

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For more information on the global initiatives for humanitarian demining, please look at the United Nations Mine Action Service website,

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