SPECIM Announces New Partnership in Germany

Oulu, Finland · November 18, 2009 – SPECIM, Spectral Imaging Ltd., the world-leading manufacturer of hyperspectral imaging components and systems, has strengthened its distributor network by entering into a contract with Solitec GmbH in Germany.

SPECIM is pleased to announce its recent distribution agreement with SoliTec GmbH, a company which is specializing in gathering and analysis of environmental data.

Through its partnership with Solitec, SPECIM will strengthen its visibility and services in Middle Europe which traditionally has strong interest and experience in the field of airborne hyperspectral imaging. SoliTec will provide support needed in operating any hyperspectral imaging system in different airborne platforms. It supports customers with the handling of the system and processing of hyperspectral data in German speaking countries.

SoliTec GmbH is representing SPECIM’s AISA airborne hyperspectral systems in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. SoliTec has experience in a wide range of remote sensing applications and solid network amongst the users of hyperspectral data. For more information see the company web site at http://www.solitec-berlin.de or contact SoliTec at info@Solitec-berlin.de.

About SPECIM, Spectral Imaging Ltd:
SPECIM is a world leading company for hyperspectral imaging instrumentation covering the electromagnetic spectrum all the way from UV through VNIR and SWIR up to LWIR region. SPECIM provides ImSpector imaging spectrographs, Spectral Cameras and full hyperspectral imaging solutions to a rapidly expanding number of industrial OEM customers and research organizations around the world. SPECIM’s SISU family provides turnkey Chemical Imaging solutions for pharmaceutical, food and agriculture, and mining industries. SPECIM’s AISA family of airborne hyperspectral sensors provides market leading solutions for remote sensing, from small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems to full featured commercial, research and defence instruments. SPECIM’s hyperspectral products are known for the highest performance, accuracy and costeffectiveness. They are increasingly used in a wide range of applications such as non-contact precision colour measurement, process analytical technology (PAT), biological and geological sciences, oil and gas exploration, chemical imaging, as well as airborne and terrestrial defence and security applications.