OnPOZ Precision Positioning Introduces Advances in GNSS Post-Mission Automation

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, November 18, 2009 – OnPOZ Precision Positioning announced today the worldwide availability of a new version of its EZSurv™ GNSS post-processing software, introducing advanced post-processing automation capabilities. The new version of the software includes extensive support for automated access to base station networks all around the world, as well as fully automated network adjustment capabilities based on a streamlined drag and drop interface.

The new base station network architecture in EZSurv™ provides instant, automated access to a growing number of over 4,000 base stations worldwide, from networks such as CORS (USA), GEONET (Japan), RBMC (Brazil), EUREF (Europe) and more. The base station indexes are carefully edited and updated on a continuous basis by specialized OnPOZ personnel and are published “live” as a free Web service. A major contribution to the GNSS community is the growing availability of base station data worldwide, within a completely automated post-processing workflow for a wide range of GPS and GLONASS receivers from NovAtel, Hemisphere GPS, NavCom, u-blox, Altus, Septentrio, Garmin, SIRF and others.

“We work closely with GNSS users to enhance the EZSurv™ automated post-processing capabilities, and this new architecture represents a significant boost to what was already a proven and productive solution for post-mission automation. Users are welcome to send requests to our technical support team at OnPOZSupport@vgisolutions.com if they find any base station missing from our indexes. We can usually respond by adding the missing base stations with a very fast turnaround time,” said Denis Parrot, President of VGI Solutions. A map of the locations of all the GNSS base stations available in EZSurv™ can be found at http://www.onpoz.com/Products/EZSurv.aspx.

Special care has been taken by the OnPOZ team to properly convert the precise base station coordinates to the WGS84 G1150 reference frame used for GNSS calculations. EZSurv™ includes the appropriate data transformations to convert from WGS84 G1150 to any other reference system (NAD83 CORS96, NAD83 CSRS, ETRS89, JGD2000, etc). “Our customers want to perform their post-mission tasks as efficiently as possible. Our diligence in defining proper transformations for base station coordinates is part of our strategy to build a comprehensive post-mission automation platform for GNSS users,” Parrot said.

About OnPOZ Precision Positioning
OnPOZ Precision Positioning is a division of VGI Solutions. OnPOZ (www.onpoz.com) offers GNSS products, software and technologies designed for a broad range of applications. It serves end-users, enterprises and OEMs/VARs. More specifically, OnPOZ allows customers to improve the productivity and reliability of their geo-localized data acquisition business processes.

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