Carlson 2010 Office Software Solutions Released

For land surveying, civil engineering, mining, and construction professionals 

Maysville, Ky., U.S.A. (October 20, 2009) –  Carlson Software’s new line-up of its just-released land development software solutions for 2010 is the result of lots of user ideas and input. Coaching on improvements included comments like “just add a 64-bit version this round and I’ll be set” all the way to several long-standing requests including multiple backsight orientation for Carlson Survey 2010, triangulation surfaces for reserves in Carlson Mining 2010, and quick graphic reports for Carlson Takeoff 2010.

Carlson 2010 answers these requests as well as 400 more in its office software products that, in addition to those listed above, include: Carlson Civil 2010, Carlson Hydrology 2010, Carlson GIS 2010, Carlson PointCloud 2010, and Carlson Field 2010. Other highlights for this new release are document and settings management, drawing standards, smart annotation rules, quick and easy PDF reports, new template transition method by grade table, improved linkage with HydroCAD® and real-time fence diagrams.

In addition to running in 64-bit for 64-bit versions of AutoCAD, Carlson 2010 is Windows 7 compatible, and works on AutoCAD® or Map® versions 2000, up to and including 2010, and comes with IntelliCAD®6.6, a DWG-compatible CAD platform, built-in and ready to use for no extra cost.        

The overall theme of Carlson 2010 is better management for documents, command settings, and CAD Standards. The Data Depot offers document management for workgroups and archiving. The new Settings Explorer enables users to effectively manage all command settings, while the Draw to Standard command gives them the ability to define specific CAD Standards and to easily draw to them (national CAD Standards for Survey and Civil are included as suggestions). 

“The Carlson 2010 release focuses on the large civil engineering firm with multiple offices,” says Bruce Carlson, president and founder of Carlson Software. “Features such as user-definable CAD standards, settings management and expanded options for plat annotation and production of plan and profile deliverables address the needs of IT departments in large companies.  These routines apply just as well to smaller companies,” adds Carlson, “that need to meet the requirements of multiple road, utility, and survey review agencies across many jurisdictions.”

C&G Survey and Carlson Survey are together at last for the 2010 release. Users will be able to pick their favorite aspect of either software in this package that is really two software solutions in one. Also, Survey 2010 features new smart annotation rules, multiple backsights, and more than 35 additional survey-specific improvements.

For Hydrology 2010, watersheds will be able to be delineated by three levels: drainage, ground cover, and soil group. Plus, the data collaboration between Carlson Hydrology and HydroCAD® will help users save time on repetitious data entry, increasing their accuracy and giving them access to HydroCAD’s extensive rainfall libraries and stormwater chamber specifications.

In the Mining 2010 release, the ability to draw and view an underground mine in 3D has been added. PointCloud 2010 offers ultra large datasets thanks to a new engine that supports clouds with a billion points.

Takeoff 2010 offers better reporting with new direct PDF output for Cut/Fill Volume Reports, 3D Surface Models, Surface Profiles, Site Plan Views, and Cross Sections. Plus users will get more power and compatibility allowing for user-defined area breakdowns for both Material Quantities and Cut/Fill Volumes, plus unbelievably fast Cross-Section conversion from section sheets, PDF and TIF File Import, and DGN File Import.

Carlson 2010 products are available now. To learn more or to place an order, call Carlson Software at 606-564-5028 or 800-989-5028 or go to find the Carlson dealer nearest you.

About Carlson Software
Carlson Software, an independent company founded in 1983, develops software solutions that bring the land development professional from concept to completion. The 26-year-old company is well known for its comprehensive civil, surveying, machine control and positioning, and mining software solutions. Its free technical support and dedication to customer service is renowned in the industry. Carlson Software is headquartered in Maysville, Ky., with branch offices in Boston and Queensland, Australia.