Blue Marble Desktop 2.1 Released

Features Time Dependent Coordinate Support and Updated ATS Support with Geo

Gardiner, Maine – October 16, 2009 – Blue Marble Geographics ( announces the release of Desktop 2.1 with Geographic Calculator 7.4. This release introduces full support of HTDP (Horizontal Time Dependant Positioning) reference frames and coordinate reference systems in Calculator along with enhanced support for Alberta Township Systems and much more. Blue Marble’s geospatial data manipulation and conversion solutions are used worldwide by thousands of surveyors and GIS analysts at software, oil and gas, civil engineering, surveying, technology companies, as well as universities, government and military organizations.  The Blue Marble Desktop is the all-in-one geospatial data transformation platform for Blue Marble’s coordinate, vector, raster, and spatial database applications.

The Blue Marble Desktop 2.1 HTDP functionality will allow users to account for the horizontal displacements and/or horizontal velocities related to movements of the Earth’s crust in the United States and its territories.  This update enables users to update positional coordinates and/or geodetic observations to a user-specified date. HTDP supports activities for coordinates in the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD_83). Blue Marble Desktop 2.1 also has enhanced support for Alberta Township System version 4.1. An enhancement to the universal well identifier format, within Geographic Calculator 7.4, will be based on the specific section corner as specified by the Universal Well Identifier.

Geographic Calculator 7.4 now has a new datasource-editing dialog for dragging and dropping folders in the coordinate object dialogue. This allows users to drag and drop folders for a customized or streamlined workflow. This upgrade also has an improved viewer for perimeter and length calculations for linear geometries, additional Map file legacy support and an improved web registry with new connection control and additional support for custom systems and transformations.

“With Desktop 2.1, the first commercially available software to deliver HTDP support, users can now apply transformations based on the high accuracy toolkit from the National Geodetic Survey, to the many data formats supported by the Blue Marble Desktop.  This allows surveyors to easily update coordinates between various epochs of the ITRF, NAD83 and WGS84 reference frames with more ease than ever before,” states Blue Marble Product Manager Sam Knight, “and we’re really excited about that functionality to see how the usage grows.”

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