Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing Company Inc. Donates Time and Resources to Local Bevo Mill Project

Seiler Educates Out of Work Architects in the Technology of the Future

(October 9, 2009/St. Louis) – Seiler Instrument and Manufacturing Company is giving back to the local American Institute of Architects (AIA) community by helping recently unemployed architects renovate the south St. Louis historical landmark, the Bevo Mill. Seiler Instrument has always given back to the community through seminars and training in the latest technology, and now the Bevo Mill project is an innovative way for its employees to help those out of work to continue to grow within their field of expertise.

In August 2009, the AIA-St. Louis chose Seiler Instrument to assist the architects with the Bevo Mill project for its software and expertise on Building Information Modeling (BIM) concepts and training solutions. BIM is an innovative method to seamlessly bridge communication within the architecture, engineering and construction industries. With BIM, architects and engineers efficiently generate and exchange information, create digital representations of all stages of the building process and simulate real-world performance-streamlining workflow, increasing productivity and improving quality.

“Seiler has taken the local AIA Community under its wing and is helping to introduce a group of unemployed architects to new technologies,” said Michelle Swatek, executive director of the St. Louis Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

The Bevo Mill is a 92 year old building rich with historical significance that has been vacant since March 2009. With the help of Seiler, a complete walk through and spatial imaging scan that captured millions of coordinates with a Trimble® GX 3D Scanner helped  establish a workflow from Trimble Software into AutoCAD® Revit Software. The Trimble GX 3D laser scanner takes architectural technology to the next level by measuring the building’s architectural details on site.

Having the knowledge, hardware and software of Seiler’s technology places these architects at the forefront of a new trend that is sure to make an impact on the industry and the wave of the future for architecture and "As-Built" updates for BIM Design. “Our primary goal is to invest in our architectural community with continuing education on new software and hardware that will maximize the efficiencies in utilizing as-built data for design, construction and day to day operations,” said Brian Meyer of Seiler Instrument. Jobs may be scarce now, but when positions do become available – this cutting edge technology from Seiler will provide architects a leg up on the competition.

In the meantime, this project turns a down time into a positive one for the architects and also allows Seiler to give-back to the architectural community. 

About Seiler Instrument
Seiler Instrument is a contract manufacturer, specializing in optical fire-control equipment, as well as a distributor of surveying instruments, microscopes and Zeiss planetaria. Seiler is a member of the AIA-St. Louis and strong supporter and business partner of many architectural, surveying, engineering and contracting firms throughout our local communities. Seiler Instrument offices are located in St. Louis, St. Charles, Kansas City, Chicago, Wisconsin, Indiana and Nebraska. For more information, visit