DataGrid Exhibits GNSS Equipment at Intergeo

Amerisurv met with Dr. Bo Gustafson, President of DataGrid International, at Intergeo in Karlsruhe. Gustafson, Professor of Astronomy at the University of Florida and director of the UF’s Laboratory for Astrophysics, founded DataGrid in 1999.

Of particular interest is DataGrid’s Chameleon, a centimeter-capable RTK system. All data can be stored in non volatile internal memory for safe keeping or postprocessing should geodetic accuracy be needed. A 2.26Mb PDF about the Chameleon can be downloaded HERE.

According to Gustafson (right, with Chameleon), "RTK systems can reach centimeter-range accuracy in real time depending on conditions, the reference data and base line distance. They are capable of state-of-the-art geodetic accuracy in postprocessing. RTK systems are typically used with a wireless link to your own base (radio, GSM, etc.) or a link to a VRS (Virtual Reference Station) service provider on the Internet. They are suitable for Cadastral and Geodetic surveys. DataGrid’s systems are designed from the start for High Precision GIS."

Gustafson showed us DataGrid’s OEM GNSS boards and said they contain not only advanced technology, but are future-proofed as well. The new DGRx receiver boards give OEM manufacturers the option to support new signals as they emerge and to program the DGRx with custom features that will differentiate it from all others. Also of note is DataGrid’s GNSS antennas. The Gutec QDGL1L2AR, weighing only a half pound, is a high performance L1/L2 antenna developed as the optimum match to DataGrid’s DGRx receivers. A 497 Kb PDF about the DGRx receiver boards can be downloaded HERE.

About DataGrid
DataGrid is one of few vertically integrated high technology companies. We have developed our own technology and turned it into finished products that we believe are well ahead of the competition. This gives us unique control over our technology and allows great flexibility plus we know every aspect of our products having developed them ourselves. We are not only dedicated to uncompromising performance, at DataGrid we also employ a modern design philosophy from the start. The result is upgradeability and expandability of our products based on the modern philosophy of hardware control through firmware and software. Most of our GPSs can interface to and collect data from external instruments. Our RTK systems have internal Windows CE programmable computers inside and we can help you design solutions that uses the GPS to control external instruments. We strive for a fundamentally clean technical design and to bring the latest in mature technology to offer ruggedness and low weight in user friendly packages. Our mission is to bring the very best instrumentation to the precision GNSS industry and to bring high precision to GIS users. We have independently developed our line of components and packages and offer them to OEM integrators, system resellers or distributors. We also offer complete turn-key solutions to large scale national or international demarcation and land administration projects or to the individual user. Call ahead to arrange a meeting. DataGrid’s main office is located in downtown Gainesville, Florida near the University of Florida campus. Or visit our sites in Europe (Sweden), Central America (Honduras) or Africa (Uganda and South Africa).