Carlson Software’s All New CSI Mobile Complements Newly Released CSI Office 2010

Maysville, Ky. (October 5, 2009) – Carlson Software invites law enforcement personnel and accident reconstruction specialists to learn more about Carlson’s all new Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) products, CSI Mobile 2010 and CSI Office 2010. Together, they can be used to measure a crime or accident scene in the field, then to accurately analyze and map the incident in the office.

Carlson first introduced the company’s investigative software CSI Office in 1999 working with Nikon. It has been used by law enforcement agencies around the country, including the FBI. With the introduction of CSI Mobile, accident and crime scenes can now be investigated and reconstructed accurately in the field.

Modeled similarly to Carlson’s SurvCE data collection product, CSI Mobile has easy-to-use features designed specifically for law enforcement, including a complete library of vehicle dimensions and an accident and crime scene library for urban features like manholes, poles, and fire hydrants as well as trees, road signs, and more.

“CSI Mobile can be picked up quickly by any law enforcement organization or consultant,” says Bruce Carlson, president of Carlson Software. “It creates graphics that are very complete based on a minimum of field measurements. This means that both field time and office drafting time are reduced to a minimum.”

In addition to its vehicle database being updated to include vehicles up to and through 2009, CSI Office 2010 is now built on IntelliCAD 6.6. It offers a 3D flyover option, to enable users to view accident and crime scenes in 3D and from many angles. There’s also the ability to draw geo-referenced aerial images. Another upgrade is the ability to directly export to PDF reports.

When recreating an accident scene with CSI Mobile, undamaged cars can be drawn with only two field shots, based on the actual dimensions of the car. Plus, illustrations of damaged cars can be created based on field shots of the damaged area only. One of CSI Mobile’s most popular aspects is its simplified menu structure, which means that there are only two “menu worlds” – one screen of survey and file commands and one screen of graphic commands and options.

Terminology in CSI Mobile was created by law enforcement personnel – the Cincinnati Police Department of Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A., helped with the development of this product. Both software products will draw thickened lines for features such as skid marks, lane separation lines, and stop sign stopping bars painted on roads. Accident reports can be easily generated.

CSI Mobile gives its users choice – it supports all major brands of data collectors. It will also be available soon in several languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese and French, in addition to English.

For more information about Carlson CSI Mobile, call Carlson Software at 606-564-5028/800-989-5028 or visit

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