Septentrio Releases Successor to Popular Dual-Frequency Heading Receiver

Leuven, Belgium – September 23, 2009 – Septentrio announces AsteRx2eHTM, a single-board dualfrequency GPS/GLONASS dual-antenna heading and position receiver. Specially designed for demanding machine control, marine survey, photogrammetry, antenna pointing and other demanding multi-antenna applications, Asterx2eH provides the most reliable heading measurements available, without being susceptible to magnetic interference, or requiring constant recalibration to maintain its accuracy.

AsteRx2eHTM„s unique single-board multi-antenna architecture provides unequalled performance and robustness for GNSS-based heading applications. As member of the AsteRxTM-family of compact OEM and packaged GNSS receivers, AsteRx2eHTM is built around the same advanced GNSS chipset and high-quality GPS and GLONASS tracking, and advanced signal processing and positioning algorithms for robust tracking and high precision positioning, especially in challenging environments. Moreover, the electrical and communication interfaces are identical to those of other AsteRxTM series products, making integration of AsteRx2eHTM receivers nearly effortless.

“With the evolution of GPS and GLONASS systems and the proliferation of our heading technology into increasingly demanding applications, the added navigation signals offered by the different GNSS systems, increase our product?s reliability and accuracy in any application,” said Peter Grognard, Managing Director of Septentrio. “AsteRx2eHTM is the successor to our popular PolaRx2eHTM receiver. The more compact form-factor, which requires less power to operate, incorporates the superior performance capabilities of our latest ASIC technology, and all the other innovations that our AsteRx2eTM product family brings.”

About Septentrio
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