Complete New Range of Total Stations from Pentax

Tokyo, August 19, 2009. PENTAX launches two new Total Station Series and enhances two existing ones. All four new Series stand for innovation, quality, design, performance and affordability.

The R-400V Series Total Stations is the first of two new series to be launched during Intergeo 2009 in Karlsruhe. The R-400V Series is the entry-model total station without discussion. It is equipped with all standard features of today’s market needs such as a large LCD display, visible laser plummet, dual axis compensation, internal memory of 45.000 points, RS-232C data transfer cable, USB connection and SD card slot. The R-400V Series is available in 2”, 3” and 5” angle measurement accuracy and has a measurement range up to 400m in reflectorless mode, and up to 7000m with single prism.

With entry-model, PENTAX wants to emphasize that the R-400V Series can be upgraded to the second new Series of Total Stations, the R-400VDN Series Total Stations, just by simply installing the camera module. The R-400VDN Series is a unique series with no comparison in the market. Equipped with a 3MP camera, on top of all standard features of the R-400V, the R-400VDN is ideal for specific applications requiring a high level of accuracy and verifiability. Whether for crime scene and accident investigation, architecture and cultural heritage, archaeology, quarrying or general construction, infrastructure and road construction, the R-400VDN provides the user with an extra level of verifiability and eliminates any possible confusion. The R-400VDN Series is available in 3” and 5” angle measurement accuracy.

The existing R-400 and W-800 Series have both been enhanced with a Long Range reflectorless measurement of 550m, and up to 9000m measurement with a single prism. A new model of 1” angle measurement accuracy has been added to the existing 2”, 3” and 5” models.

The PowerTopoCE software for W-800 Series Total Stations has been enhanced to meet the new needs created by the improvements of the W-800 Series, such as the 1” accuracy, but is also enhanced with new features such as the Road Design Module, direct installation onto the W-800 Total Station, and additional options in the existing applications.

The R-400V, R-400VDN and R-400 Series are all standard equipped with the improved version of the onboard PowerTopoLite software. The PowerTopoLite software has been supplied with the previous total stations, R-300 and V-300 Series, and is now enhanced with additional features and applications such as the Road Design application.

Discover Innovation at Intergeo: Hall 1, stand 1.109 or contact: C. Lefebvre