Trimble Introduces New and Enhanced Solutions for Integrated Surveying and Engineering Applications

Putting Dependable Trimble Technology in the Hands of More Surveyors

Karlsruhe, Germany, Sept. 22, 2009 – Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) today introduced new systems and software to broaden its portfolio of Connected Site™ survey solutions:
• New Trimble® R4, Trimble R5 and Trimble R6 GPS Receivers
• A new Trimble S3 Robotic Total Station
• A new version of Trimble Business Center Software
• New specialized Monitoring module for the Trimble Access™ Software Suite

These positioning solutions provide even greater flexibility and versatility to address a user’s comprehensive surveying needs through scalable solutions and proven, reliable Trimble technology for all critical phases of surveying. 

The announcement was made today at INTERGEO 2009, the world’s largest conference on geodesy, geoinformatics and land management.

“Surveying firms require flexible and integrated solutions to support their business growth, which is why Trimble’s Connected Site solutions are becoming the industry standard in Integrated Surveying technology and techniques,” said Chris Gibson, vice president for Trimble’s Surveying Division. “One of our key objectives is to deliver scalable solutions that enable surveyors to optimize their investments to compete in today’s market and add capabilities as their business needs grow and change. Each of our new or enhanced survey products is an important component of Trimble’s Connected Site offering.”

New GNSS Receivers
The new Trimble R6 GPS System includes use of the modernized GPS L2C signals (as well as L1 and L2) with an option to add GLONASS for faster, more consistent initialization in a variety of environments. The Trimble R6 is an integrated receiver system with GPS antenna, receiver and internal communications in a small, rugged package. It can be configured with a cellular modem for convenient operation with Trimble VRS™ networks, or with UHF radio for RTK base/rover applications. Compatible with a variety of Trimble controllers and field and office software, the Trimble R6 is flexible, scalable, and ready for a variety of jobs that a surveyor’s growing business may require.

The new Trimble R5 GPS System is one receiver with many configurations. The modular system enables customers to choose the GPS antenna and communication options that best serve the needs of the application. Fixed to a tripod, secured on a rover pole, or stowed in a backpack, the Trimble R5 is ideal for any surveying task from control, measurement, design and stakeout, to as-built work. With an optional built-in UHF radio modem, it can receive RTK communications quickly and easily. With GPS L1, L2, and L2C included and a GLONASS option, it can track more satellites in challenging environments.

The new Trimble R4 GPS System provides everything needed to perform basic survey projects. The system comes standard with GPS L1 and L2, with the availability to upgrade to GLONASS. With the easy to use Trimble Digital Fieldbook™ Software, surveyors can use the system in a Trimble VRS network or RTK applications and for static surveying work. With an optional integrated UHF transmitter, it can also be used as a base station. The cable-free Trimble R4 is an accurate and reliable GPS receiver that surveyors can depend on when every point counts.

Trimble S3 Robotic Total Station
The new Trimble S3 Robotic Total Station System includes everything needed to perform efficient surveying projects: precision positioning performance and powerful data collection in an integrated, ergonomic solution for convenient, all-day use. It is built on proven, reliable, Trimble technology such as Trimble’s Direct Reflex (DR) technology for measurement without a prism to almost any type of surface. Additionally, Trimble S3’s servo-drive system is built on Trimble MagDrive™ technology, for long-term performance with low maintenance requirements.

The Trimble S3 Robotic Total Station System features integrated radios, powerful field software and the Trimble TSC2™ Controller, long-life battery, dual optical and GPS battery charger, and a 360-degree prism. The Trimble S3 is a robust, cable-free solution backed by world-class training, service and support through Trimble’s extensive distribution network to keep surveyors up and running. The Trimble S3 System provides a great foundation for getting a survey crew into Trimble’s Integrated Surveying.

Advances in Integrated Surveying: Trimble Business Center 2.20
Trimble Business Center Software is the complete surveying office suite designed to manage, analyze and process all field survey data, including data from optical instruments (total stations and levels), GPS/GNSS, and spatial stations (imaging and 3D scanning data).

The new version provides fully integrated corridor and surface applications for road management. With an enhanced graphic engine and tools to view and manage spatial imaging data, Trimble Business Center version 2.20 provides a new level of productivity and efficiency to the surveying and civil engineering office.

New Trimble Access Specialized Application for Monitoring
Trimble continues to build upon the success of its innovative Trimble Access Software Suite with the introduction of a new Monitoring module. Trimble Access is a streamlined field and office solution for surveyors and geospatial professionals that expedites data collection, processing, analysis, and project information delivery. The software enables improved workflows, the ability to create in-field deliverables, and more efficient collaboration and connectivity between project team members.

Designed to streamline typical deformation monitoring field activities, the Monitoring module for Trimble Access provides step-by-step guidance through a monitoring job. The optional Monitoring module flattens the learning curve for those new to monitoring applications and allows surveyors to get their work completed faster. Users can choose to pair this field solution with the powerful Trimble 4D Control Standard office software for advanced tools to analyze movement over time. Like the Roads and Tunnels modules in Trimble Access, the Monitoring module is available as either a perpetual license or as a monthly subscription. These options enable flexibility to add more software capabilities easily as business needs change.

Trimble’s Connected Site Solutions
Trimble’s Connected Site solutions for surveyors create seamless working relationships among Trimble products, technologies and services through support, infrastructure and partnerships. Through the Connected Site, Trimble is focused on providing solutions that address our customer’s full work process. By carefully combining technology innovation with a deep understanding of the users’ workflows, data integration and maintenance across the lifecycle of the project, Trimble helps surveyors reach new levels of productivity for their business.

The new Trimble R4, Trimble R5, and Trimble R6 GPS Receivers, Trimble S3 Robotic Total Station and Trimble Business Center version 2.20 are expected to be available in late September 2009. The optional Monitoring module for Trimble Access is expected to be available in November 2009.

About Trimble
Trimble applies technology to make field and mobile workers in businesses and government significantly more productive. Solutions are focused on applications requiring position or location—including surveying, construction, agriculture, fleet and asset management, public safety and mapping. In addition to utilizing positioning technologies, such as GPS, lasers and optics, Trimble solutions may include software con
tent specific to the needs of the user. Wireless technologies are utilized to deliver the solution to the user and to ensure a tight coupling of the field and the back office. Founded in 1978, Trimble is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. For more information Trimble’s Web site at