Leica Geosystems announces Leica GS09 – the scalable GNSS System

(Norcross, Ga., 22 September 2009) Leica GS09 was designed for surveyors and construction professionals who have tradionally shied away from GPS technology and are now looking to grow their business. The Leica GS09 provides a simple positioning tool that is able to grow with the users’ business to meet future measurement requirements. By gradually configuring the system, the initial investment cost is minimized and its operation remains simple.

The new GNSS system can be used in a large variety of operating modes, providing users with a complete measurement system. Requiring only the GS09 antenna and the CS09 controller, combined with appropriate accessories, many different operating choices are available. Surveying and construction professionals can start with low functionality and upgrade via licenses to a fully featured high-end GNSS system. The GS09 integrates perfectly with other Leica Geosystems instruments and having the same data structure and accessories allows users to extend their surveying equipment at any time as required.

• A wide choice of setup capabilities
• Extremely light-weight and cable free RTK Rover
• An easy to setup RTK base station operates without controller
• Raw data logging setup for post-processing
• RTK network Rover
• Setup as Leica SmartStation on Leica TPS1200+ and Leica TS30/TM30

Leica GS09 Controller and SmartWorx field software
The rugged Leica GS09 controller is designed to suit any surveying task with a wide range of functionality and application programs. It provides a large display with touch screen functionality and removable data storage. Leica SmartWorx is based on the proven and familiar operating concept with icon-based menus making it easy to learn. For easy RTK setup the system automatically detects attached communication devices. The software comes with a wide range of application programs to efficiently complete even complex tasks. Firmware updates and applications are available can be kept up-to-date online at the newly launched Leica myWorld portal providing also instant access to product information and knowledge.

More information about the new Leica GS09 at: http://www.leica-geosystems.us/en/79623.htm

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