Spectra Precision Introduces New Portfolio of Optical Survey Solutions, Data Collectors and Software

Frankfurt, Germany, Sept. 21, 2009 — Spectra Precision introduced today new additions to its Spectra Precision® FOCUS® line of optical survey solutions. With the new additions, survey and construction professionals have more positioning instrument choices to meet their job requirements.

The announcement was made at the Spectra Precision – Nikon Worldwide Distribution Conference held in Frankfurt, Germany. The Spectra Precision FOCUS line will be showcased in Karlsruhe, Germany, at INTERGEO 2009, the world’s largest conference on geodesy, geoinformatics and land management.

Spectra Precision FOCUS 30
The Spectra Precision FOCUS 30 is a robotic total station providing high speed, accuracy and precision in measurement. The robotic instrument moves the power of the observer from the instrument to the range pole, improving efficiency. The speed of observation and precise positioning of the FOCUS 30 Robotic Total Station is provided by patented StepDrive™ motion technology, which controls the horizontal and vertical motion of the motors, eliminating the need for traditional motion locks. The FOCUS 30 includes a tracking sensor that uses LockNGo™ tracking technology, enabling the instrument to constantly lock onto the prism. The FOCUS 30 is available in 2”, 3” or 5” accuracies and is controlled by the Spectra Precision Survey Pro™ field software using an onboard Windows CE touchscreen interface. The FOCUS 30 is also designed to be controlled externally by Spectra Precision data collectors.

“The sleek, ergonomic design, extremely light weight and overall value-proposition of the FOCUS 30 make the instrument a very compelling choice for a wide range of survey and construction applications,” said Frank Dorenkamp, general manager of Spectra Precision. “With the introduction of the FOCUS 30, Spectra Precision continues to expand its portfolio with powerful solutions that utilize new technologies.”

Spectra Precision FOCUS 8
The Spectra Precision FOCUS 8 Mechanical Total Station features the Windows CE operating system, world-class Spectra Precision Survey Pro field software, superior quality optics and components. The FOCUS 8 is equipped with a dual-face display and a touchscreen that improves data workflow speed to access menus and software modes for fast everyday data management. The large graphic display uses features such as different font sizes, icons, and pop-up menus to make the system intuitive and easy to use for maximum efficiency. The FOCUS 8 is available in 2” and 5” accuracies. Both FOCUS 8 models support Bluetooth communication to external data collectors and come standard with a traditional optical plummet that can be upgraded to a laser plummet.

Spectra Precision FOCUS 6
The Spectra Precision FOCUS 6 Mechanical Total Station offers superior quality optics and components. The FOCUS 6 is a fast measuring device in both prism (0.8 sec) and reflectorless (1.0 sec) modes for improving day-to-day field operations. The Spectra Precision FOCUS 6 interface is intuitive and user friendly. The total station can be used with a Spectra Precision Ranger™, Nomad™, or Recon® data collector running Spectra Precision Survey Pro field software. The tough, water resistant and small design of the FOCUS 6 is convenient and portable for a wide range of surveying jobs. The FOCUS 6 has an integrated Bluetooth option that can be used to assist with communications to external data collectors and come standard with a traditional optical plummet that can be upgraded to a laser plummet.

Spectra Precision Ranger
Spectra Precision also made an addition to the data collector family: the full keyboard and ergonomic Spectra Precision Ranger. The Ranger delivers durability which meets rigorous MIL-STD-810F military standard for drops, vibration, humidity and extreme temperatures. With an IP67 rating, it is protected from water and dust to keep data safe. The Ranger, running Spectra Precision Survey Pro and Windows Mobile 5.0 software, has the capability to run Excel and Outlook as well as other mobile applications. Integrated wireless capabilities allow surveyors to connect to field equipment without the use of bulky cables. With CF and SD slots, users can add multiple accessories and increase data storage. The Ranger is available in three models: the powerful 500X, the economical 300X with expansion slots, and the basic NX. The 500X is also supported with a 2.4 GHz robotic radio that can be used with the FOCUS 30 Robotic Total Station.

Spectra Precision Survey Pro Field Software
Spectra Precision Survey Pro field software provides surveyors with a complete set of capabilities for a wide variety of survey and construction projects. It is fast, reliable and easy to use for data collection and field staking. Survey Pro’s vast COGO feature set is unmatched in its capabilities. More than 40,000 customers worldwide are currently using Survey Pro as their preferred field software solution.

Survey Pro software is offered in different modules so surveyors can begin with one module and easily add features as they need them. Advanced modules can be remotely installed via electronic upgrades without having to pay a premium. In addition, Survey Pro software is available in multiple languages and on a variety of data collector platforms.

“With the introduction of these new products into the Spectra Precision portfolio, survey and construction professionals now have new, economical choices to get the job done,” said Frank Dorenkamp. “These new Spectra Precision products complement the existing line of EPOCH GNSS and GPS solutions, enabling Spectra Precision to offer a complete range of survey products.” 

The Spectra Precision FOCUS 8, FOCUS 6, Ranger data collector and Survey Pro field software are expected to be available in September 2009; the FOCUS 30 is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2009 through the Spectra Precision global dealer network. For more information visit: www.spectraprecision.com or email: sales@spectraprecison.com.

About the Spectra Precision Brand
Spectra Precision has long been an established brand, known for delivering quality products to the construction market. Focusing on the specific needs of the conventional surveying market, the Spectra Precision brand offers a complete product portfolio including, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), optical total stations, data collection hardware, field and office software, as well as a wide range of construction tools. Spectra Precision surveying equipment is an economical choice that utilizes technologies for optimal efficiency. With convenience and reliability as the foundation of the Spectra Precision brand, it is an ideal choice for value. The Spectra Precision brand is backed with the strong technical support that users have come to expect from a quality name in surveying and construction.