New ProFlex 500 GNSS Receiver Offers Enhanced Capabilities for Machine Control and Guidance

New features include Web server for easy configuration, L2C, and 20Hz fast output rate

Nantes, France, September 21, 2009 – Magellan® Professional today announced powerful new firmware for the ProFlex™ 500, a rugged GNSS receiver designed to meet the special requirements of machine control and guidance applications. Centimeter accurate and exceptionally rugged, the GNSS receiver offers outstanding benefits onboard earthmoving, agricultural and mining equipment. The ProFlex 500 is ready for system integration and represents a cost-effective and high-performance GNSS solution for end-users and machine integrators who need precise positioning for machine guidance and control.
Application Adaptable
With its new built-in Ethernet and Web server features, the ProFlex500 can be easily and quickly configured and controlled, either locally or remotely in real-time. Easy access to receiver status and configuration set-up enables users in the field to switch the ProFlex 500 from its machine control function to an entirely different use as a land survey rover in a site manager pick-up truck or a backpack. The enhanced multi-application capabilities of the ProFlex 500 can provide an exceptionally high return on investment for construction or mining companies that employ the receiver across the range of their positioning needs, machine guidance and control, site management, land survey and as a base station for broadcasting DGPS and/or RTK corrections.
Rugged Design
Designed for operation on heavy equipment in harsh and difficult environments, the ProFlex 500’s patented BLADE™ technology applies multiple GNSS constellations (GPS, GLONASS, SBAS) to deliver fast real-time centimeter-level precision to enable heavy equipment operators to work more accurately and economically. Additionally, the newly available 20Hz fast output rate option enables the receiver to support the most demanding kinematic applications.
The ProFlex 500 is IP67 rated. Its high-impact strength aluminum housing resists severe environmental conditions, including 100 percent condensing humidity; salt mist; and it is shock and vibration resistant as defined in military standard MIL STD 810F.  Its advanced multi-path mitigation virtually eliminates interference from heavy equipment and nearby structures and walls. 
Integrated Communications
All communications components – Ethernet, GSM/GPRS, UHF and Bluetooth – are integrated options in a complete and rugged design. ProFlex 500 offers long-range RTK capability, dependable UHF communications, and mounting parts for easy onboard installation.
BLADE Technology Inside
The ProFlex 500 uses Magellan Professional’s BLADE Technology, which introduces a unique patented way to use multiple GNSS constellations for high-accuracy positioning. BLADE also accounts for the GLONASS receiver biases in reference stations, allowing the user to optimally use the GLONASS signals from any manufacturer’s receiver. BLADE even allows the receiver to benefit from GLONASS satellites in the absence of GLONASS correction data by properly weighting the uncorrected measurements. Additional signals capabilities such as L2C or SBAS differential positioning are part of the new ProFlex 500 firmware release allowing users to even better adjust the receiver performance to their own needs.

About Magellan Professional
Recognized as an industry innovator, Magellan Professional has been developing GNSS technology for more than 20 years.  Magellan Professional is the creator of BLADE technology, which introduces a unique patented method to the market using multiple GNSS constellations for high-accuracy positioning.  Magellan Professional has also introduced the MobileMapper™ series of products for GIS and mapping, as well as the ProFlex 500 and ProMark™ series, including the ProMark 500, ProMark3 RTK and ProMark 3, a well-recognized GNSS Land Survey product line currently on the market. Magellan Professional is privately held and headquartered in Carquefou, France, with offices in Santa Clara, California, Moscow, Beijing, China, Singapore, and The Netherlands. For more information on Magellan Professional, visit