U.S. Surveyor Plans Weekly Live Q&A Webcast

Michael Feldbusch, a licensed land surveyor in 12 states, will be conducting live webcasts to answer questions about land surveying.

The questions will focus on specific inquiries about surveying practices and standards, submitted online by real estate attorneys, paralegals, land developers, construction companies, and other interested parties who are active in real estate transactions.

The webcast will take place at U.S. Surveyor headquarters, based in Evansville, IN, and will be conducted on the First Wednesday of every month at 2:00pm Central Standard Time.

There will be no fee or membership required to participate.  Interested parties will simply go to the company website and watch the presentation live.  Contact information will be provided for those wishing to e-mail a question in, and a form will be placed online for direct question submissions.

Also note that on occasion, Rodney Young, a licensed land surveyor in 8 states, as well as a licensed engineer in 3 states, will conduct the sessions when Mr. Feldbusch is not available to do so.

Listeners will be encouraged to ask both general industry and surveying questions, as well as questions that may be specific to their particular project.