Sokkia Announces Release of New Theodolite Series

New DT20 Series Digital Theodolites Provide Record-breaking Operating Time

Sokkia Corporation is releasing a new digital theodolite series — the DT220, DT520, DT520A and DT620 — featuring revolutionary power-saving technology. The DT620, a 7” model, recently set a world record for continuous operating time – 220 hours.

The DTx20 series digital theodolites maintain the advantages of previous DTx10 models, such as the industry’s highest IP66 dust- and water-protection rating, advanced absolute rotary encoders that ensure long-term reliability, as well as user-friendly operation.

Major improvements over previous models include:
1. Doubles operating time
• 7” model DT620 achieves the world’s longest operating time of 220 hours with two R14 (C) alkaline batteries.
• The DT520A operates up to 200 hours, the longest among 5” models.
• At 7 hours a day, the DT620 and DT520A can be used for more than 31 or 28 respective days without changing batteries.
• 2” DT220 and 5” DT520 models, equipped with dual-axis compensators, can be operated for 130 continuous hours.

2. New angle calibration technology
• DT620 and DT520A models employ the new IACS-SD system (Independent Angle Calibration System with Single Detection). This technology makes it possible to reduce the number of angle detectors from two to one without compromising measurement precision. It also drastically reduces power consumption.
• DT220 incorporates the IACS technology with diametrical angle detection to further improve reliability. The IACS is used in SOKKIA’s high-precision total stations with angle accuracy of 0.5”, 1” and 2”.

3. Improved user interface
• Easy-to-read LCD display has numerals 20 percent larger than former models.
• New “menu” key facilitates all instrument settings.

Contact your Customer Service Representative at 800.4.SOKKIA for more information.