GPS SVN 49 and JAVAD GNSS Triumph Technologies

August 19, 2009, San Jose, California. The anomalies in the recently launched SVN49(PRN1) was a chance to demonstrate the advanced multipath reduction capabilities of JAVAD GNSS Triumph technologies.

GPS World magazine, in its August 2009 issue, reported the nature of the anomalies of SVN49, and in a side-article showed how JAVAD GNSS Triumph receivers successfully cope with such anomalies, though the article failed to note that all data was taken from JAVAD GNSS Triumph receivers.

The same multipath reduction capabilities which removed the SVN49 multipath anomalies can remove the multipath effects which are a major source of error in precision positioning.

Figure below shows SNV49 (PRN1) code-minus-phase plot for usual correlator (magenta – C/A code, brown – P/L1 code) and for "mpnew" ( red – C/A code, green – P/L1 code), which shows almost all anomalies and satellite multipath are removed.