Sokkia SDL1X Digital Level with 0.2mm Precision Sets the Ultimate Benchmark

SOKKIA digital level SDL1X is designed to achieve the highest precision and productivity in leveling and height measurement applications. From Intelligent Auto Focus to wireless operation, a number of innovative technologies are implemented for unmatched productivity while eliminating error factors during measurement. The SDL1X sets the ultimate benchmark in precision digital levels.

1. Eight industry’s first features
• 0.2mm precision (ISO17123-2)
• Auto Focus for high-end digital level
• View Finder for quick sighting
• Remote Trigger for wireless operation
• Dual-axis tilt sensor that ensures precision
• SD card slot for data storage
• 100m (320ft.) Bluetooth® wireless communication
• Staff with ±0.1ppm/°C linear expansion coefficient

2. 0.2mm precision
• The SDL1X achieves 0.2mm precision when used with the SOKKIA original New Super-Invar RAB-Code Staff BIS30A that features the industry’s lowest linear expansion coefficient of ±0.1ppm/°C.
• Standard Invar Staffs provide 0.3mm precision.

3. Saving up to 40% of time
• The “Auto Focus” and the quick sighting “View Finder” reduce measurement time by up to 40 percent compared to manual focus digital levels.

4. Intelligent Auto Focus
• SDL1X automatically focuses exclusively on the RAB-Code Staffs, increasing productivity by eliminating false focusing on undesirable objects.
• Precise auto focus eliminates loss of accuracy due to incomplete focusing.
• Manual focusing is possible without switching modes by simply rotating the focusing knob that supersedes the auto focus.

5. Measurement and Recording Programs
• Onboard software supports height difference measurement and data recording in the following procedures: BF, BFFB, BBFF, BFBF, aBF, aBFFB, aFBBF
• Measurement tolerance can be set in each route for on-site accuracy checks.