Building Matchbox-Sized Tracking Units

Neu-Isenburg, Germany – July 24, 2009 – Anyone intent on building a matchbox sized GPS tracking unit in the world now has a golden opportunity to do just that. System supplier Round Solutions now offers all of the necessary parts.

The micro-miniaturized parts include the "Aarlogic GPS 3T" (1125 mm³) and "OriginGPS 1315" (1387 mm³) GPS modules with embedded antenna. The "Telit GE865" (1452 mm³) GSM module, which is capable of transmitting geodata as text messages or GPRS on four different bands and can react to incoming messages. It uses the embedded GSM antenna "GXE474" with dimensions of 581 mm³ only. The SIM card is no longer plugged into the unit but soldered in place in the form of a tiny chip (27 mm³). Thus the space occupied by the main parts has been reduced five times from 16000 mm³ to 3200 mm³. Everything fits into a matchbox-sized case in which there is still room for a battery and an environmental sensor unit (microphone, camera, etc.).

"James Bond would have been thrilled to have a tracking unit like this," notes Harald Naumann, Technical Director of Round Solutions, with a grin. "After all, there is an endless number of possible uses for a tiny device is capable of connecting to a standard mobile phone anywhere on the globe."

Free access to the test server facilitates the use of geodata. "We also offer the digital maps, the MapEngine and the source code for complete tracking servers free of charge", explains Naumann with reference to features made possible by public-domain software such as OpenStreetMaps and Openlayers.

About Round Solutions
Round Solutions is a leading, internationally active supplier of products, services and concepts for industrial users of electronic components. The focus lies on wireless technologies such as GSM, UMTS, GPS, Bluetooth, ZigBee, WIFI, UWB and ISM. The product portfolio ranges from starter kits to components for mass production. Round Solutions offers a wide range of electronic components such as radio modules, HF cables and ultra-sensitive antennas. Round Solutions currently has the world’s largest range of quad-band and penta-band antennas. Unlike its competitors, integrated antennas are already available in small quantities at Round Solutions. Its stock also includes lithium polymer, lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride batteries. Moreover, Round Solutions offers a global express delivery service. With the compact and innovative components from Round Solutions, system integrators can develop their solutions quickly, easily and inexpensively. They thus enjoy greater efficiency and a shorter time to market for their applications. The company has branches in Germany and the United Kingdom.