Applanix Introduces the POSTrack 410 for Medium-Format Airborne Photogrammetric Cameras

Richmond Hill, Canada – Applanix introduced today the POSTrack™ 410 Flight Management and Direct Georeferencing system. The system is designed specifically to be used with the latest generation of medium-format airborne digital photogrammetric cameras to maximize the efficiency and productivity of airborne mapping.

A Fully Integrated System
POSTrack is a flight management system for airborne cameras with a built-in POS AV GNSS-Inertial Navigation System (INS) for direct georeferencing of airborne images. Flight management features include mission planning, pilot guidance, automatic stabilized mount control and automatic camera triggering at pre-planned intervals. The POS AV features include in-air initialization, leveling of stabilized mounts, automatic drift correction, GNSS position translation using encoder data from stabilized mounts, and generation of Exterior Orientation of each image for the mapping process. Each of these features reduces the cost of airborne mapping by improving the efficiency of the data collection and map production process.

Purpose built for the aircraft environment, the competitively priced POSTrack 410 has been designed with an accuracy level specifically optimized for direct georeferencing of medium format digital cameras. For block photography applications it also supports Automatic Aerial Triangulation (AT) to improve final geometric accuracy and make the point matching processes truly automatic and reliable. The POSTrack 410 can also be supplied with the highly efficient Trimble InPHO Match-AT aerial triangulation software.

Also included as part of the POSTrack 410 system is the industry leading POSPac Mobile Mapping Suite (MMS) office software, featuring the Applanix IN-Fusion™ technology and SmartBase™ module.  POSPac MMS can enable airborne missions to be flown with higher reliability and in less time, saving fuel costs and reducing environmental impact.

"This is a very exciting development for Applanix and our customers. Applanix recognizes the importance of offering high efficiency, high productivity mapping solutions at competitive pricing. The POSTrack 410 was specifically built to meet this need, and nicely complements our growing portfolio of products and solutions," said Joe Hutton, Director of Airborne Products.  "The addition of the POSTrack 410 for medium format cameras allows our customers to choose the right solution for their application and budget."

The POSTrack 410 system for medium format photogrammetric cameras is available now through the Applanix sales network.

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